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10 Picture Ledge Ideas For Your Home

10 Picture Ledge Ideas For Your Home

 If you are aiming for an uncluttered room, it is much more important to arrange your storage so that you can tell at a glance where everything is…

Marie Kondo

Picture Ledges – Konmari Approved Storage!

After decluttering most of my home now, I have come to appreciate having storage that allows me to see, without any effort, where everything is.

Picture shelves have to be one of the most inexpensive, versatile and simple storage solutions around. There are so many ways you can use them for storage and display in your home beside hold photos!

Picture ledges, whether a DIY project or ready made, are a great solution for small spaces, and clutter free living. These narrow shelves make locating and putting away items very easy. Plus, they are also a brilliant way to display items that you love or in the words of Marie Kondo, ‘sparks joy’ for you.

10 Picture Ledge Ideas For Your Home

Spice Rack

A picture ledge makes a simple and easy DIY spice rack in your kitchen to store herbs and spices.  Make sure to get spice jars that will fit the depth of the picture ledge, though.

You can find more spice rack ideas for your kitchen!

picture ledges from IKEA
Image credit: AKA Design

Kids Art Display

Create a cute display of the kids’ artwork so that it can be admired and enjoyed by all.  Picture ledges are great for this purpose as you can easily swap out pieces as new creations come into the house.  The display shelf keeps all the work brought home from school or day care, from becoming just clutter.

Find more ways to display kids artwork in your home!

picture ledges from IKEA
Image Credit: IKEA Family

Plate Display Shelf

When you are not sure about hanging a collection of beautiful plates straight onto the wall, a picture ledge or two is a secure alternative.

picture ledges from IKEA
Image Credit: Yvestown

Book Storage

Encourage your kids to read often (and put books away) by creating a display of their favourite books with a narrow picture ledge.  Front facing book storage is also easier for little hands to take out and put away books!

Check out 15 Awesome Book Storage Ideas For Kids including ideas for DIY book ledges.

picture ledges from IKEA
Image Credit: Rare and Worthy

Display Toys

Have kids who are crazy about their trains, cars or figurine collection? Picture ledges are a really useful way to store and display those small toys.

Also check out Lego Mini-figure Display Ideas

Image credit: Stacys Savings

Jewelry Organizer

Create a space to hold and display jewelry in the bedroom with an IKEA picture ledge.  Add small hooks to the bottom of one and your necklaces become a pretty display.

picture ledges from IKEA
Image Credit: Broader Borders

Bedside Table

Short on space for a bedside table next to the bed, then consider a picture ledge.  Perfect for holding a book you are currently reading, as well as a few other items.

I used this idea for my boys shared bedroom.

picture ledges from IKEA
Image Credit: La Vie DIY

Picture Ledge Decorating Idea

Another space saving idea for when your bathroom size doesn’t allow for an overhead cabinet.  A picture ledge can be used as a small shelf for storage or to display decorative items.

picture ledges from IKEA
Image credit: Yasam Stil

Nail Polish Rack

Forget storage for the kids’ toy trains, what about a picture ledge to hold your nail polish collection?  Both practical and pretty!

picture ledges from IKEA
Image Credit: Bethany Nauert

Craft Organization

Great storage is always appreciated in a craft room! Try putting some of your craft supplies out on display, while also making them easy to access.  Use a picture ledge to hold art and craft books or prints that you find inspiring.

picture ledges from IKEA
Image Credit: Holly Becker for decor8

Living Room Picture Ledge

Oh, and of course, use a picture ledge to display pictures!  Create a quick and easy family photo display like one of these living room picture ledge ideas below.

Image source unknown
Image via Pinterest
Image via Gather Lemons
Image via Pinterest

What is your favourite use for a picture ledge?

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