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The Best Lego Minifigure Display Ideas

The Best Lego Minifigure Display Ideas

Have a LEGO enthusiast or two in the house? There can never be too many mini-figures, right! Now the size of your collection really doesn’t matter when you can choose from one of these awesome Lego display ideas below. All you have to do is work out how many mini-figs you want to display!

Best LEGO Display For Minifigures

1.  Ikea Ribba Frame

The 50cm x 50cm Ikea Ribba frame seems to be a popular choice with many DIYers.  Understandable, since it is inexpensive and its deep size can hold up to 56 LEGO minifigures.  Here are two different ways to use the Ikea Ribba frame.

Option 1: Holds 56

Sarah of Frugal Fun For Boys used two of these Ikea frames to create a display for her boys’ minifigure collections.

Measure out and glue bricks to the board to hold 56 mini-figures per frame.  While they are hang on the wall for display, the glass has been left out to make it easy to swap the mini-figs in and out.

lego minifigure display ideas
Image Credit Frugal Fun 4 Boys

Option 2: Holds 49

This mini-figure display case uses an Ikea Ribba frame as well to hold 49 pieces.  The interior shelves are made from pieces of foam cut to size.  Then the small base plates are glued to each shelf and a backing board added for colour and effect.

lego minifigure display ideas
Image Credit Instructables

2.  DIY Display Shelf

What about this easy and inexpensive DIY display shelf? Use the vertical space and add in as many shelves as you need to display your LEGO minifigs.

lego minifigure display ideas
Image Credit: Amber Simmons

Another great DIY LEGO display shelf.  This one uses 3/4″ pieces of wood, painted white with the addition of adhesive LEGO board to each.

lego minifigure display ideas
Image Credit Jedi Craft Girl

3.  Vintage Display Shelf

No need to build something from scratch with this $5 find from a local garage sale!  A coat of paint and then glue down your pieces of Lego base plate.  If you want to have an uniform look with the base plate, Kristen from Celebrate Every Day With suggests buying the specific colour and size you want.

4.  Super Size With A Large Wall Display

Ok, a bit big for most kids’ bedrooms or playrooms.  But I had to include it in the list of LEGO Minifigure display ideas because I thought it looked so cool.

Forget 49 or even storage for 56 mini-figures, this display has space for 1200 LEGO mini-figures!  Unfortunately, no playing or re-arranging these LEGO pieces as they are permanently glued to the board to make an unique piece of wall art.

lego minifigure display ideas
Image Credit My Modern Met

LEGO Minifigure Custom Display Frame

Showcase your best LEGO minifigures in style with a custom display frame.  Choose any coloured bricks in any configuration and make your frame as unique as your minifigure collection. 

Click here to order your custom Minifigure Display Frame

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