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15 Ways To Organize Hair Accessories

15 Ways To Organize Hair Accessories

How To Organize Girls Hair Accessories

Girls hair accessories are almost like LEGO pieces in our house!!  I am regularly finding a hair lackey or two lying on the floor somewhere. As Moms of girls would know, head bands, clips, ties and other pretty accessories can quickly become a big mess!

Since I am teaching my kids the principle, “everything has a place and everything is in its place”, I thought I would share some cute and practical storage ideas to organize girls’ hair accessories.

Storage Containers For Hair Accessories

1. Small Plastic Containers From The Dollar Store or Reject Shop

Organize your girls hair accessories by type and/or color in inexpensive plastic containers, which make better use of the space in a drawer.

2.  Ice Block Tray

Organize girls’ hair accessories with an ice block tray.  Super cheap, even shop the house for one and brilliant for organizing lots of different types of clips.

organise girls' hair accessories in a ice cube tray
Image via Pinterest

3.  Over The Door Or Hanging Clear Pocket Organizer

organise girls' hair accessories
Image via Pinterest

4.  Clear Glass Jars

Glass storage jars are great idea to organize girls hair accessories and they also make a pretty display.  Make sure they are off limits for little ones though as a safety precaution.

organise girls' hair accessories with glass jars
Image via Pinterest

5.  Storage Box With Dividers

This is what my daughter has to organize her hair accessories which get kept in a drawer in her bedroom.  It works well because it is easy to see what you need at a glance and more importantly, helps with putting things back.

organise girls hair accessories with plastic craft box
Image via Call Me Blessed

6.  Storage Box With Drawers

Alternatively use a small set of stationary or craft desk top drawers to keep everything organized.

organise girls' hair accessories
Image via Pinterest

7.  Pill Box

Have lots of tiny hair bands? Re-use an old pill box to organize them all.

organise girls' hair accessories
Image via Simply Organized

8.  Carabiner Clip

Another way of organizing hair ties or lackeys is to use a carabiner clip or even shower curtain rings.

organise girls' hair accessories
Image via Pinterest

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Display Pretty Hair Accessories Using A Frame

9.  DIY Peg Organizer

Go DIY with some lengths of wood or even a couple of recycled pallet pieces.  Attach some sparkly pegs to it to hang all your daughter’s pretty head bands or ties.

organise girls' hair accessories
Image via Tinker With This

10.  Upcycled Picture Frame Display

Alternatively use an old picture frame, remove the glass and glue a decorative piece of paper or fabric to the back.

Paint the frame in a color you like.  Then attach ribbon or string to the frame to provide a way for pretty bows and clips to be organized.  Include hooks or decorative knobs at the bottom of your frame for extra storage!

11.  Another Picture Frame Idea

Go vertical or horizontal with your display.

organise girls' hair accessories with diy picture frame
Image via here

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12.  DIY Pin Up Board

Alternatively attach lace or ribbon to a fabric covered pin up board and away you go!

13.  Pretty Storage For Girls Hair Accessories

Even use a separate piece of wood to store hair accessories.  Cover it with a pretty fabric to tie in with the look of your display frame.  Attach several small hooks to your wood piece and organize hair ties by color.

Image Source Unknown

Organize Hair Accessories With Baskets

14.  Metal Tiered Stand

For display, as well as storage, that doesn’t involve hanging anything, try something like these pretty tiered metal baskets.

Image via He and I

Personalized Organization

15.  Monogram Letter Hair Accessories Organizer

A really cute way of displaying hair accessories would be to decorate a MDF letter for the first letter of your daughter’s name.  Then attach ribbon or other material to it for a cute organization solution.

This would be a great idea in a nursery where Mom is the one accessing the hair items.

Image via Pinterest

Well there you have it…  multiple adorable ideas for organizing and displaying girls pretty hair accessories.

If you are wanting something pretty but not keen on DIYing it, consider these handmade hair accessory organizers available on Etsy.

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More Ways To Organize…