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Shared Boys Room Ideas

Shared Boys Room Ideas

Crash! “What was that?”, I yelled out to the boys.  Loud noises are a suspicious sound in our house!! This time though the loud noise indicated that the roller blind in the boys’ room had fallen off the wall, screws and all!

Initially I was annoyed because it meant working out how to reattach the blind to the wall. Would I need to drill new screw holes?  What could I put up in the mean while?  

But then I realised that the blind falling off the wall was actually good news! How? It reminded me of these gorgeous new blue curtains below I had bought for the boys’ room about 6 months ago to replace their old blind.

boys' bedroom ideas: blue curtains

I had been putting off using them because of course, I wanted the room repainted first, and the skirting glued in, and the curtain rod changed etc.

Well maybe now was a good time to paint the room and do everything else I had in mind. Instead of just rehanging a blind, we have a shared boys room makeover.

Here’s what the room looks like before…

boys bedroom ideas: before

This is a small bedroom, which has to be for both my boys, who are 7 and 6.  Our house has only 3 bedrooms, so the boys who are 18 months a part, do need to keep sharing a bedroom.  

For the most part that works well!  My 10 year old daughter has the third bedroom. Check out her tween room makeover.

In the past I have had all 3 kids sharing this room, when the youngest was still in a cot. See how I organised 3 kids in one room.

The Plan For The Boys Bedroom

Paint Chest Of Drawers

The boys use a large pine chest of drawers for clothes storage. (No built in closets!)  I love the colour it’s painted but over time it has  lost a few of its handles. (Actually the story is I took them for another furniture project one time and never got around to replacing them!) I do need to add handles.  

See the finished painted chest of drawers!

boys bedroom ideas: chest of drawers

Paint The Walls

Did you notice in the photo above the lovely patch of fluoro colour on the wall next to the drawers? The walls definitely need patching and painting!!

Rather than go with another blue boys bedroom, I plan to paint the room in a neutral colour, Dulux Hog Bristle.  It is the colour that we have painted most of the house.  

The black text in the corner is from a wall decal of the verse, Joshua 1:9.  “Be strong and of good courage…” It should hopefully peel straight off the wall!

Decorating On A Budget: Wall decals are such an affordable and easy way to add interest to a room.  

Choose an inspirational quote or a scripture verse or animals, trees etc.  Plus, the great thing is there are simple to remove especially if you are renting.

Wall Decor

boys bedroom ideas: wall art

Now this artwork doesn’t look too bad but I will move the original beach painting to another room in the house.  It used to hang in my grandparents house.  

Still thinking through ideas for how else I want to decorate the walls with input from the boys, of course.

This retro style blue lamp shade below was a $5 find from Kmart a couple of years ago.  It will stay!!

boys bedroom ideas: retro light shade

Boys Beds

Both of the boys’ beds will be replaced with secondhand beds.  The current beds are either broken or too small, and need replacing.  

We had previously a bunk bed in this room but found that the kid sleeping on top got less cuddles at bedtime.  I also didn’t like climbing on to the top bunk every night to say goodnight to them!  So this will a shared boys room with 2 single beds.


Once there are two single beds in this room and the chest of drawers there will be very little room for anything else. The plan is to build DIY industrial pipe shelving to store toys, books and personal items for each of them. Here’s my inspiration.

Image Credit: Beneath My Heart

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Kate Evans

Thursday 13th of July 2017

Hello Jane, I was so confused about boy’s room decoration before reading this blog. It is simple and easy to do. This will help me because I was searching something unique for my kid's room. I love your thought and post. Thanks for sharing.

Jane Rao

Monday 17th of July 2017

Thanks Kate :)

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