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7 Hidden Toy Storage Ideas For Living Room

7 Hidden Toy Storage Ideas For Living Room

Welcome to Week 2 of the Fall (for all the northern hemisphere peeps) One Room Challenge.  If you are not familiar with it, this is where design bloggers completely transform a space in just six weeks. 

If you are new here I’m Jane, Aussie Mum to 3 kids 4 kids and I love creating spaces that are organized and look good. I also think you can do it on a budget, with small spaces and worn out houses, and with time and energy constraints. A very warm welcome to you!

This is my FIRST TIME participating in the One Room Challenge and I have decided to tackle our living room.   

After much sorting and decluttering of the contents of this room (including furniture), it is now ready to be turned into a happy, relaxing and functional space, for both parents and kids!

Week 2 has been busy with research, decisions, CHANGING MY MIND AGAIN, more research…  And getting started on some of the pallet wood projects.  Can’t wait to share those with you in the next few weeks!

First though, let’s focus on what is one of the biggest challenges with creating a family friendly, living room… 

Kids Toy Storage!!

Yes that’s right, storage for the kids’ toys and games!! We have a number of family board games and kids’ puzzles, as well as Lego blocks, that I want stored in this room. 

I would love to have the toys easily accessible for the kids and yet not looking like a playroom, for us, parents.  Thankfully, there really are some creative ideas available for how to hide toys in the living room.

Hurrah, a space for kids to play in the day and where adults can relax at night.

7 Best Living Room Toy Storage Ideas

1.  Ottoman Turned Toy Box

As Melissa Boyer shares about her cute storage ottoman find below, “It has proved to be a fantastic purchase for us!  My kids can easily get toys in & out of it… In addition, it can easily be moved around to the main sitting area if extra seating is ever needed.”

hide kids' toys in the living room
Image Credit: Rooms

2.  Hide Toys Away In A Cabinet

Closed storage options like built in cabinets or a free standing buffet or dresser, are great for living room toy storage. 

Consider using baskets or boxes within the space to contain smaller like items or designate drawers to different groups of toys.

hide kids' toys in the living room
Image Credit: Meadow Lake Rd

3.  Toy Storage Underneath Coffee Table

hide kids toys in the living room
Image Credit: Rogue Engineer

The coffee table can be a brilliant space for storing toys or games, while still fitting in with the look and design on the room. 

Best options are a shelf underneath or several drawers.  If you have items that don’t get accessed frequently, even a chest with a top that opens up would be great for hidden storage.

Check out our DIY Pallet Coffee Table

7 ways to hide kids' toys in the living rooms
Image Credit: Meadow Lake Rd

4.  Behind The Sofa Toy Storage

Such a clever idea to pull the couch away from the wall a bit and use that space for shelving to store toys in tubs or baskets.  Just make sure it’s not obvious when first walking into the room.

hide kids toys in the living room
Image Credit: Two Inspire Design

A more involved project, would be to create built in drawers behind the lounge suite, like these ones below.  What a great way to hide toys in the living room!

toy storage in the living room
Image Credit: The Sunny Side Up Blog

5. Baskets And Storage Cubes

When you want to store kids toys in the living room in plain sight, baskets and storage cubes are the way to go. 

Toys are easily accessible for kids to play with and more importantly, pack away.  Yet when it is time for little ones to go bed, all those bright primary colors are no where to be seen! 

Pretty decor and toys really can co-exist together!

Check out storage baskets for stuffed animals.

toy storage in living room
Image Credit:

Here’s a great example of how one family has used a storage cube as a multi-functional piece of furniture in their living room. 

It doubles as a convenient side table as well as living room toy storage for some of the kids books and toys.

Check out more kids book storage ideas!

toy storage in living room
Image Credit: PBJ Stories

6. Toy Storage Built Into A Window Seat

A built-in window seat or bench can be a really useful addition to a living area, especially if it has a bay window.  Not only can it provide a quiet reading nook, but it can include lots of space to store toys in the living room.

Love this example of a narrow bench with drawers in this living room below. Functional and pretty!

toy storage in living room
Image Credit: Inside Out

7.  Toy Storage Underneath The Couch

In contrast to the usual “My toys are missing and I think they are underneath the couch!” story, this idea deliberately uses that space for toy organization.

Anything that is large and flat, like this LEGO tray, would be ideal to store underneath a sofa.  Make sure the item won’t get lost under the sofa though with a pull out handle or even wheels.

Check out more LEGO organization ideas and LEGO tables with storage.

toy storage in living room
Image Credit: Thrifty Decor Chick

Here the space underneath this armchair is used for a small decorative box of wood puzzles.   Easy to take out and easy to pack away!

 living room toy storage
Image Credit: Our House Now A Home

Bonus Idea – A Suitcase With Legs?

7 brilliant ways to hide kids' toys in the living room
Credit Image: Rambling Ophelia

“Look! Mum is going to put our LEGO in a suitcase”, says my 8 year old boy to his brother and sister as I am writing this!

Maybe I will use the suitcase as a side table AND hidden LEGO storage!  But even if I don’t, I now have a clearer idea about how I am going to store my kids toys and board games for this living room makeover!

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Friday 20th of April 2018

Great ideas Jane, coffee tables with bamboo baskets are nice because you can actually take the baskets around while you pick up the toys and tidy the room. Also having a kids' corner keeps things in place too


Friday 23rd of March 2018

I love these ideas! Our living room has 2 sides, the toy side, and the adult side. I have been hunting for a way to store toys creatively so I can reclaim the toy side.


Friday 23rd of March 2018

Thanks Ann! :) We use to do that too when the kids were younger. I much prefer not having the toys so much of a feature now days.

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