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10 Stylish Bed With No Headboard Ideas

10 Stylish Bed With No Headboard Ideas

Have a bed without a headboard? Headboards can be a great way to style a bedroom, but it is perfectly ok to have a bed without a headboard too. Yep, you don’t have to have a headboard! Here are a few simple ways to make your bed look good, and your bedroom as well without a headboard. Use one or more of these suggestions as easy headboard alternatives to finish off the simple bed frame.

No Headboard Ideas

Put Up A Shelf

A simple shelf above the bed looks great and can be styled in so many ways! Choose between a shelf that spans the length of the wall, or the width of the bed.

Paint the shelf to match the color of the wall or choose a contrasting wood tone or paint color. A contrasting shelf against a dark feature wall looks amazing!

Display Prints On A Picture Ledge

Use a picture ledge instead of a headboard, with your favorite photos or artwork. Keep it monochrome or go eclectic depending on your style!

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Image via Nordic Design

Go Green With Plants

If your bedroom gets a lot of natural night, why not add in some plants above the bed. Choose indoor plants that vary in their leaf size, as well as trailing plants. Bonus, they are sure to improve the air quality of your bedroom!

Wall Sconces

Wall lights are a great alternative to bedside table lamps, and you can use them to frame a bed with no headboard.

Image via Pinterest

Hang A Mirror

Add a mirror on the wall above the bed. Bonus, it can bounce light around the room and make your space feel bigger!

Image via Pinterest

Lean Some Old Doors Against The Wall

Old wooden doors look amazing behind a bed with no headboard! Just be mindful of sealing peeling paint, and removing any old paint containing lead. Not something you want in your bedroom!

Image via Dreamy Whites
Image via Decoholic

Oversized Window Frames

If you can find them, why not use them! These vintage window frames below look amazing behind the bed.

Image via Kara Rosenlund

More Fun Alternative Headboard Ideas

  • Use a wall decal or paint to add a semi-circle or arch above the bed.
  • Create a hanging plate wall.
  • Hang an oversized piece of artwork or framed photos.
  • Make a bed crown.
  • Put up decorative wall paper.
  • Add trim or panelling to the wall behind the bed for more interest.
  • Really anything your imagination can come up with!
Image via Style Curator

What’s your favorite bed with no headboard idea?

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