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15 Ways To Display Kids Artwork In Your Home

15 Ways To Display Kids Artwork In Your Home

Are your kids constantly bringing home loads of artwork and evidence of other creative endeavours from playgroup, day care or school?

Gosh, mine did!  Especially in the early years of child care and schooling. I easily amassed huge folders of kids artwork until I realised that it was ok to let go of most of it.  Hello recycling bin!

It’s true that participating in art and craft activities is beneficial for your kids’ emotional, social and physical development.

  • It helps them develop their imagination and self-expression.
  • It teaches them life skills such as problem solving and fine motor skills.

Yet while you want to be supportive of your kids’ creativity, you need a way to display their artwork with out it becoming clutter.

How To Display Kids Artwork In Your Home

So here’s 15 simple ways to display kids artwork and reclaim back your fridge door.  Hallelujah!

1.  Curtain Wire Art Display

Try this Ikea curtain wire hack with metal clips.

display kids artwork
Image Credit buttonsbyloulou

2.  Hanging Kids Art

Don’t have an Ikea close to where you live? This has to be the easiest way to display kids artwork in your home. All you need is a couple of screws to attach to the wall, some string and clothes pegs.   Easy peasy!

display kids artwork
Image Credit designimprovised

3.  Hanging Up Kids Artwork – Renter’s Option

But oh snap, you are renting!  Well here is how you can create a wall artwork display that doesn’t require any holes to be drilled in the wall.

All you need is some Command hooks, picture wire and a spot to rig it up.  If you are still concerned about your walls, you could even attach it to the side of a wardrobe or cupboard or on the back of a door.

display kids artwork
Image via Pinterest

4.  Upcycled Kid Artwork Frames

This is DIY version of using frames to display kids artwork. Even better if you can source them second hand or re-use ones you already have.  Spray paint your frames in a bright funky colour like the canary yellow below, or a pale pastel pink or blue if you prefer.

Attach a piece of string or wire across the width of the frame.  Then use a few mini pegs to hold the art so it can be swapped in and out easily.  Then just hang up your frames and you are sweet to go!

display kids artwork
Image Credit The Caterpillar Years

5.  New Frames For Kids Art

For a more formal and clean look, buy a set of the same type of picture frames only in different sizes.

This would work best when you know what specific artwork you want to display on the wall.  Or if you don’t intend on changing the pictures out frequently.

display kids artwork
Image via Pinterest

6.  Digital Artwork Collage

This idea takes a bit more time initially but it a great way to display kids artwork long term.  Create a collage from their favourite or best drawings, scan each one, print it out and frame it.

You then have just one piece of artwork to display and are not required to keep the large quantity of originals.

display kids' artwork
Image Credit merrypad

7.  Display Kids Artwork With Clips

A collection of second hand clip boards were used in this wall display project. Attach your clipboards to the wall and use the clips to hold the art pieces.  Easy!

display kids' artwork
Image Credit unknown

BONUS: Make Your Own DIY Family Growth Chart Ruler

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8.  DIY Timber Wall Display For Kids Artwork

Another DIY wall display idea. All you need is some lengths of wood and some good sized clips. 

Paint or stain your wood the colour you prefer and then attach your clips to it. Screw the wood into a section of wall, where everyone can enjoy the kids’ creativity.

display kids' artwork
Image Credit the-idea-spot

9.   Hanging Kids Artwork One Piece At A Time

Just have one or two special pieces to display? Use a skirt or trouser hanger with its own clips.

display kids artwork
Image via Pinterest

10.  Display Kids Artwork Using Pegs Or Clothes Pins

Instead of the clips, create your own display wall with a piece of wood and pegs. All you need is a strip of wood, clothespins, paint, glue, and nails to create this simple hanging piece.

Image Credit iheartorganizing

11.   Painted Wood Ruler With Pegs Or Clothes Pins

Similar to above, use a flat wood ruler from around the house or your local hardware store to display kids’ artwork. Paint the wood white and glue clothes pegs on.

display kids' artwork
Image Credit domesticdaybook

12.  Rustic “Every Child Is An Artist” Wood Sign

Or what about something really cute and decorative in and of itself, like this cute sign. Source or paint your pegs in different colours to show off that artwork.

display kids artwork

Make Your Own “Every Child Is An Artist” wood sign:

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13.  Picture Ledge Artwork Display

Picture ledges have so many uses for organising things in the house, including displaying kids’ artwork. Either build them yourself like the ones below or you could use the Ikea Ribba picture ledges.

Attach more to the wall as your children grow or even switch the artwork out for books.

display kids artwork
Image Credit anawhite

14.  Cork Pin-Up Boards For Each Child

Create a special display for each of your kids art and craft projects using cork pin-up boards. Make it decorative by framing them and attaching a monogrammed letter of each child’s name, like these ones below.

display kids artwork
Image Credit besimplyorganised

15.  DIY Cork Board

Display kids artwork with a DIY cork board wall made from cork tiles like this one.  Customise it to the fit the space you have available.

display kids' artwork
Image Credit younghouselove

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Kostas Chiotis

Tuesday 10th of April 2018

I loved the clipboard displays Jane. Those are really awesome with the growth chart on the side. These are also great DIY projects to get the children involved too!


Thursday 12th of April 2018

I agree - even better if you can display the kids' artwork and include a growth chart too as part of it! :)


Monday 5th of March 2018

Can I spray the painted artwork with something to protect it from moisture?? Thanks


Monday 5th of March 2018

Yes, you should be able to get a clear sealer (varnish) to spray it with and protect it. That's a great idea!

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