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10 Awesome Personalised Teacher Gifts

10 Awesome Personalised Teacher Gifts

“Of all the hard jobs around, one of the hardest is being a good teacher.” – Maggie Gallagher

Would you believe that almost a life time ago, I was a teacher?  Maths and science to be exact! Oh yes, it brings back memories of Bunsen burners and 12 year old boys! 

One thing I learnt from the experience, besides the fact that I don’t want to have a career as a high school teacher, is that positive feedback from parents is much appreciated! 

Teachers work hard!  I mean, they willing teach my kids day in and day out! 

So in honour of how wonderful teachers are and how much we appreciate them here are 10 fun and thoughtful teacher appreciation gift ideas.

Best thing is these most of these gift ideas can be personalised and make inexpensive teacher gifts.

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Easy End Of Year Teacher Gifts

1. Personalised Teacher Stamps

Cute dinosaur stamp that can be personalised with the name of your teacher. Clear and easy to read!

Click here to order your personalised teacher stamp

2.  Fun Teacher Gift – Personalised Set Of Stickers

Click here to get your personalised Australian Animals stickers

3.  Inexpensive Teacher Gift – Cute Pencil Earrings

One of a kind earrings for your favourite teacher. We gave these as a gift for one of my kids’ teachers in her favourite colour.

Click here to order your teacher pencil earrings

4.  Personalised Tote Bag

Teachers also seem to have loads of stuff to carry around. Personalise this fun tote bag with the name of your teacher.

Click here to buy a fun tote bag!

teacher gift ideas

5.  Teacher Appreciation Soy Candle

Customise the label and scent for your teacher with a 100% soy candle.

Click here to order a gorgeous thank you candle

6.  Personalised Teacher Key Ring

A gift teachers will love!

Click here to order your personalised teacher key ring.

7.  Personalised Leather Book Mark

A simple and personalised gift for teachers who love to read. Or make sure they never lose their page again in the class read aloud.

Click here to order a personalized teacher bookmark

8.  Personalised Teacher Mug

Click here to order your teacher coffee mug

Also check out our list of the 10 best teacher mug ideas!

9.  Personalised Teacher Travel Mug

Click here to order your personalised teacher gift

10.  Best Teacher Ever Pencils

Click here to order your best teacher ever pencils

At the end of the school year, when your do-to list is full, it can be easy for a task like teacher gift ideas to drop off the list.

Yet I encourage you, considering there is value in teaching our kids to show appreciation to others, to not let it go!  A small gift, and a hand drawn card made by your kids is all it takes.

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