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15 Awesome Kids Book Storage Ideas

15 Awesome Kids Book Storage Ideas

While you love seeing a cute little one sitting down “reading”, the books lying everywhere, all over the floor, the bed that drives you bananas!

So stop piling up the books on the end of the bed, and check out these brilliant kids book storage ideas below.

WAIT, ONE MOMENT! Do your kids simply have too many books they are trying to look after?

Packing up may feel overwhelming for them.  If this is the case, I suggest you do a declutter of the kids books FIRST!

Ok, now on to the fun stuff!

Best Book Storage For Kids

Check out these 15 awesome storage ideas to store children's books in play room or bedroom. Get kids reading more. DIY spice racks, book bin, bookshelves, without shelves. - Organised Pretty Home

These ideas are also great for nursery book storage too as well as kids bedrooms or a play room! Or even for living room toy storage.

1. Boxes, Book Bins or Book Crates

One of the simplest ways to store children’s books is to use a plastic storage box.

This works really well for the bigger sized books that younger children will have.  It’s also makes the books easily accessible for younger readers to choose and pack away.

children's book storage ideas in a box

Or similarly, baskets are a simple and inexpensive children’s book storage idea.

children's book storage ideas in baskets

2. Stylish DIY Book Bin

This is a stylish version of a bright, green or red coloured book bin.  Great for toddlers up to elementary age kids for storing larger size books.  Books can be kept at children’s eye level to encourage them to look through them independently and hopefully, put away again.

children's book storage ideas DIY book bin
Image Source This Little Street

3. Toddler Book Storage

These cute animal theme book carts are the perfect way to store children’s books, especially for toddlers and preschoolers.  Assembled from painted MDF, and currently available in the UK.  

These sweet, pull-along trolleys makes books easy to find and tidying up more fun too!

Plus, they would look amazing as nursery book storage for an animal theme nursery!

 children's book storage ideas in a pull-along trolley
Image Source gltc

4. Wooden DIY Dollhouse Bookcase

This would make a great book storage area for a nursery, toddler or preschoolers room.  A doll house bookcase is super cute!

childrens bookshelf
Image via Icanteachmychild

5. Or A Giraffe Bookcase

Why not build this DIY bookcase for the cutest nursery book storage idea! Easy to follow instructions with pictures available below.

Click here to order your printable bookcase plans

6. Cute Book Storage For Large Board Books

Here are some fun book storage ideas for toddlers board books or picture books for preschoolers

Click here to order your Dr Seuss basket

7. Wooden Book Caddy

A wood book manager or book caddy is a clever way to store a toddler’s board books.  Come up with your own plans to build one or purchase one through Esty.

Click here to order your personalized book caddy

8. Picture Ledges For Book Storage

Also check out our more fun picture ledge ideas for your home.

9. DIY Narrow Book Display Ledge

Do you have a space behind the bedroom door to store children’s books?  YES!!!! Well these narrow floating shelves are a great way to use that space.

Kristine of The Painted Hive provides a really easy to follow tutorial for how to build them here.

children's book storage ideas on diy narrow picture ledges
Image Source The Painted Hive

Here is another tutorial for DIY picture ledges to display and store children’s books.

These ones are a wider shelf which would hold more books than the previous book display ledge.  So they would be great for rooms where space is not an issue.

children's book storage ideas on wide diy picture ledges
Image Source cindy jespinoza

10. Ikea Picture Ledges

Or get the same look for less effort with Ikea picture ledges.

children's book storage ideas on ikea picture ledges
Image Source the photographer’s wife

This sweet nursery below uses Ikea picture ledges for easy nursery book storage.

children's book storage ideas
Image Source Apartment Therapy

11. My Favourite… Personalised Dr Seus Book Ledge

These are great for the nursery, kids homework station, reading nook, playroom or office. These also make great picture ledges, mail holders, bathroom shelves etc.. Stylish and functional!

 Personalised Floating Book Ledges or Shelves

12. IKEA Spice Rack Hack

Don’t have a room to fit a bookcase to store children’s books in their bedroom?

These Ikea spice racks turned book display storage racks are a clever and budget friendly option.  The perfect size for displaying more amount of books in a small space.

They can also be customised with paint to suit the look of the room.  Place them low to the ground so the books are in easy reach for your kids.

Also check out what I think are the best books for 4 year olds!

These nursery books shelves below look so fun and colourful! Who wouldn’t want to grab a book and start reading!

children's book storage ideas in a Ikea spice rack hack
Image Source Impressions By Jani

These would be a great addition to your nursery. The shelves are deep enough to hold a bunch of books as well as a couple small stuffed animals

Click here to order these wall book shelves

13. Traditional Kids Book Storage

Whether for a small collection of books or a lot, book shelves are a straight forward way to store children’s books.  Worthwhile where space is not an issue and books for future use can be stored on the higher shelves.   Current reading books are kept on the lower shelves.

Book shelves can sometimes be tricky for young children to get to the books they want without pulling them all out.  Similarly, putting books back neatly maybe hard for smaller hands.

Though as your kids get older, a book shelf is a great storage solution for their growing collection of books. We love to organize our books by colour to make it easy to put them back!

14. Magazine Holder Turned Book Storage

This is an easy and fun DIY project to store children’s books, that you can do using items you already have around the house.  Mainly cereal boxes and adhesive paper or wrapping paper.

A child friendly way of organising soft cover books which can make a mess of bookshelves, as they are hard to stand upright.  Also, you could use these to separate out your child’s favourite books for reading at bedtime.

store children's books in cereal boxes turned magazine files
Image Source The Labelled Life

Or what about upcycling an used wooden industrial spool as a kids bookshelf…

children's book storage ideas
Image Source Our House Now A Home

To Sum Up All Those Brilliant & Creative Ideas…

Do you have a toddlers room or nursery?

You want easy access book storage that looks good. Go for book display ledges, Ikea spice rack hack or a cute bin caddy.

What about book storage for preschoolers?

Think easy to put away. Book bins, book display ledges or repurposed magazine holders.

And book storage for your older kids?

Bookcase definitely!

Click here for more helpful toy storage ideas… 

Check out these 15 awesome storage ideas to store children's books in play room or bedroom. Get kids reading more. DIY spice racks, book bin, bookshelves, without shelves. - Organised Pretty Home