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Gluten Free Lunch Box Ideas

Gluten Free Lunch Box Ideas

Looking for nut free and gluten free lunch box ideas? Or just some new yummy and healthy lunch box snacks for your kids?

This school year I want to bake more homemade treats for my kids school lunches. How much easier that will be now I have a new oven!  

So I thought I would put together a list of gluten free lunch box recipes that real Mums use for their own kids school lunches.  These lunch box treats are what Aussie Mums, Lisa of Happy Tummies and Kylie of Kidgredients actually make for their own kids to eat for school.

Also these lunch box recipes are specifically suited for busy Mums raising kids with allergies.  All but one are gluten free and all are nut free.  To make things even easier they can be made ahead and then frozen.  

Thanks to Lisa, of the online grocery store Happy Tummies, who has plenty of experience with kids with tricky diet requirements and Kylie from Kidgredients, for sharing their favourite lunch box ideas.

Gluten Free Lunch Box Ideas

1. Nut Free Bliss Balls

These bliss balls are a nutritious and easy gluten free snack for kids. They are made nut free by replacing the nuts with sunflower seeds.

Nut Free Bliss Balls Recipe - Happy Tummies

2. ANZAC Biscuits

Try this yummy ANZAC biscuit recipe! Make these classic Aussie biscuits gluten free by swapping out the oats for quinoa flakes.

Gluten Free Anzac Biscuits - Happy Tummies

3. Gluten Free Banana Bread

Banana bread is a great gluten free lunch box idea as it freezes well! This recipe is also egg free.

Gluten Free Banana Bread - Happy Tummies

4. Gluten Free Orange Cake

A gluten free version of a classic cake. It brings back memories of Mum baking homemade treats for school lunches on the weekend. Of course, it wouldn’t last long!

Gluten Free Cake - Orange Cake - Happy Tummies

5. Gluten Free Chocolate Cookies

Finally, a totally yummy allergy free chocolate cookie recipe – no nuts either! I think I know what I will be baking this week…

Gluten Free Chocolate Biscuits - Happy Tummies

6. Chocolate Zucchini Cupcakes

The zucchini in these chocolate zucchini cupcakes makes them super moist and extra tasty.   To make them gluten free just substitute the wholemeal flour with an alternative. 

gluten free lunch ideas

7. Cacao and Coconut Seedy Bliss Balls

The perfect gluten free lunch box idea! No added sugar either. They will keep for up to a week in the fridge or freeze them.

gluten free lunch box ideas

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