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10 Awesome Gifts for Male Teachers

10 Awesome Gifts for Male Teachers

Does your child have a male teacher?  Male teachers can be a rare breed in elementary or primary schooling, and even more so in preschool and kindergarten. 

My youngest son has a male teacher this year and I thought it be would fun to find out what made he get into teaching, specifically teaching the younger age group and what gifts male teachers really do appreciate.

Why did you decide to become a teacher? 

Teaching appealed to me from a young age because I’ve always had a love of learning. I think it was a natural progression for me to share that with a younger generation.

I chose elementary teaching, because I liked the idea of teaching across learning areas. I also like having a fixed class for the entire year.

Two of my most memorable teachers that were a source of inspiration to me were elementary teachers. 

What is your favorite subject to teach?

I actually don’t think I have a favorite subject to teach to be honest. That’s the appealing part of elementary teaching to me.

There are certain topics and areas that I find especially enjoyable though. Earth and space sciences for example, looking at certain texts and writing in English, and numbers and algebra in Math. 

Least favorite subject to teach?

I don’t have to teach them usually, but I would say drama and dance would not be my strong suits! I like taking part, but I feel I don’t do well when the teaching spotlight is on me in those areas. 

Best part about teaching?

I truly enjoy teaching each day. I find teaching kids to be a fun and engaging career, and I also appreciate the challenges that come with it.

It’s dynamic and requires you to be constantly learning. I really enjoy getting to know the students in my class across the year and playing a role in their learning. 

Best teacher appreciation gift?

There have been a few cards from students that have been really thoughtful that stand out in my memory. I really appreciate the effort and thought that go into some gifts as I certainly don’t expect them!

I’m quite partial to chocolate so that never goes astray. There have been a few personalized items like diaries, pens, glasses and coasters that were really nice. 

I’m really grateful that students and parents have gone out of their way to show their appreciation. Some of my favorite mugs were given as gifts!

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Gift Ideas For Male Teachers

Whether it’s the end of the school year or the Christmas season, here are some gifts ideas that male teachers will appreciate too.  This round up of male teacher gifts are handmade and available via Etsy.

1.  Personalized Male Teacher Rubber Stamp

Click here to order a customized rubber stamp.

male teacher gifts

2.  Teacher Socks

 Click here to order these fun pair of teacher socks

male teacher gift

3.  Fun Bearded Teacher Shirt

Click here to order a humorous tee for a male teacher.

gifts for male teachers

4.  Personalized Leather Bookmark

Click here to order a personalized bookmark for your favourite teacher.

male teacher gift ideas

5. Thank you for Being A Great Teacher Coffee Mug

Click here to order your coffee mug gift!

6.  Teacher Survival Kit

Click here to order this teacher appreciation survival kit gift.

7.  Personalized Crayon Magnet

Click here to order your personalized teacher magnet.

8.  Downloadable Card for A Coffee On Us

Click here to get your printable gift card holder for a coffee on us. 

9.  Personalized Teacher Appreciation Pencils

Click here to order your “best teacher ever” pencils!

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10.  Male Teacher Gift Shirt

Click here to get this cool teacher t-shirt

It is worth taking the time to teach our kids to show appreciation to others! A small gift, and a hand drawn card or note written by your kids, is all it takes!

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