10 Awesome Gifts for Male Teachers

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Love these handmade and unique male teacher gift ideas for end of school year, back to school or even Christmas. Great way to show appreciation for classroom teachers or coaches. - Organised Pretty Home #cheap #teachergiftideas #teachergifts #maleteachergifts #maleteacher

Does your child have a male teacher?  Male teachers can be a rare breed in elementary or primary schooling, and even more so in preschool and kindergarten.  So whether it’s the end of the school year or the Christmas season, here are some gifts ideas that male teachers will appreciate too.  This round up of male teacher gifts are handmade and available via Etsy.

10 Gift Ideas For Male Teachers

1.  Personalized Male Teacher Rubber Stamp

Click here to order a customized rubber stamp.

male teacher gifts

2.  Teacher Socks

Click here to order these fun pair of socks for a male teacher.

male teacher gift

3.  Fun Bearded Teacher Shirt

Click here to order a humorous tee for a male teacher.

gifts for male teachers

4.  Personalized Leather Bookmark

Click here to order a personalized bookmark for your favourite teacher.male teacher gift ideas

5. Thank you for Being A Great Teacher Coffee Mug

Click here to order your coffee mug gift!

6.  “Crayon” Out Loud Coolest Male Teacher Gift

Click here to order this funny personalized crayon appreciation gift.

male teacher gift

7.  Cool Travel Mug

Click here to grab a Be Awesome teacher travel mug.

teacher gift idea teacher travel mug

8.  Downloadable Card for A Coffee On Us

Click here to get your printable gift card holder for a coffee on us. 

9.  Best Teacher Ever HB Pencils

Click here to order your “best teacher ever” pencils!

teacher gift ideas

10.  Teacher Key Chain

Click here to grab your personalized male teacher key chain.

male teacher gift

At a time of the year, when your do-to list is “chockas” or full up, it can be easy for a task like “organize teacher gift” to drop off the list.

Yet I encourage you, considering that there is immense value in teaching our kids to show appreciation to others, to not let it go!

A small gift, and a hand drawn card or note written by your kids, is all it takes!

Click here for more teacher gift ideas…

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