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16 Gorgeous Handmade Spice Rack Ideas

16 Gorgeous Handmade Spice Rack Ideas

Looking to organize your spices in your new kitchen but the mere mention of “spice rack” brings to mind your Mom’s vintage yellowy/ brown wooden thingy.  No thanks! 

Wait a sec…  you’ll be pleased to know spice storage can be stylish and a unique decor item in its own right.  If you don’t believe me, check out these beautiful handmade spice rack ideas below. 

From wall spice racks, test tube spice racks to cabinet door spice racks, there is a spice rack idea for every size kitchen and style of home. Order any of these spice rack ideas below through Etsy.

16 Awesome Spice Rack Ideas

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Pantry Door Spice Rack

A pantry door spice rack gives you plenty of storage for spices and other food items.  Why not use what is normally wasted space, the back of a cabinet door or the pantry door.  Great for small kitchens!

Bonus, this spice rack lets you keep your spices in a dark, cool place to help keep them fresher longer.  Just make sure to check that the door will close easily once the spice rack is attached.

Click here to order this pantry door spice rack

Magnetic Spice Rack

Want to keep your spices in easy reach?  Go for a magnetic wall plate + magnetic spice jars in your kitchen.  Conveniently store your spices on a backsplash or the side of a cabinet.   With your spices in sight, you can easily grab what you need when cooking flavorful food!  A great idea also in small spaces. 

Under Cabinet or Pull Out Spice Rack

This wood pull out spice rack can store your favorite spices out of the way yet make it easy to access your spices when cooking.  See what spices you have at one glance.  Great for small kitchens, caravans and RVs.

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under cabinet spice rack

Test Tube Spice Rack

Choose a gorgeous reclaimed wood Test Tube Spice Rack in your kitchen to store and display your spices.   Each glass storage tube is 32mm x 200mm and holds over four fluid ounces – three to four ounces, depending on the spice.

Click here to order your custom test tube spice rack

test tube spice rack

Or looking for a countertop spice rack rather than a wall spice rack?  This test tube spice rack is made from a solid block of local hardwood and holds 20 glass test tubes.  Would make a lovely gift idea!   The wood piece measures 12″x 3″x3″ approximately and the volume of the tubes is 36mL or 1.2 ounces.

Click here to order your wood test tube spice rack

wood test tube spice rack

Lazy Susan Spice Rack

Looking for a rotating spice rack or revolving spice rack? A great way to easily access spices when they are stored on a cabinet or pantry shelf. 

Wall Spice Rack

This farmhouse inspired 5 shelf wood spice rack will look great on your kitchen wall.   Customise the finish of wood to suit the style of your kitchen.  The dimensions, and the number of shelves can also be altered.

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Here is another beautiful wall spice rack with antique style handles.  

Wooden Spice Rack

Make a floating spice shelf for a beautiful and simple handmade wood spice rack.  It holds seven jars, and can used by itself or in rows one above the other.  Comes with the mounting hardware. 5-jar and 9-jar options also available.

Click here to order a reclaimed wood spice shelf

Here is another wood spice rack that will display your spices in style and keep them handy in the kitchen.  The wall mounted design fits on a wall, over the stove, or even on your kitchen back splash. 

Metal Spice Rack

This gorgeous metal spice rack is made out of pure copper sheeting and 4 gauge solid copper wiring.  These spice racks can be either wall mounted or set on the counter top or other flat surface.   

Multiple spice racks can be placed above each other or side by side on the wall or inside a cabinet door to make a large spice rack.

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Large Spice Rack

This large spice rack is a life-saver!  It makes it so easy to organize and find all of your spices! 

Go for a spice rack that would look amazing in a rustic farmhouse kitchen!

Spice Rack Ideas For Small Spaces

Use a wooden spice rack that also has a lower metal rack and hooks, which makes it great for extra storage in small kitchens.  Use the hooks underneath for hanging frequently used cooking utensils or small pans.  The perfect organizer and storage system for everyday spices and pan/pots.

Spice Tin

Using the highest quality spices, this is a traditional Indian Masala Dabba spice tin, made from high quality stainless steel.

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Makes a great gift for anyone who enjoys Indian culture, food and cooking.  Add an interesting book on spices with it, for a great Christmas gift!

Want to organize your spices? Check out these spice jar labels.

Which one is your favourite spice rack?

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Monday 14th of January 2019



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