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White Christmas Decoration Ideas

White Christmas Decoration Ideas

I‘m Dreaming of a White Christmas...

Maybe it’s a longing for cooler weather, seeing the summer heat is upon us here in Australia.  Or maybe because I have never  experienced a “white” Christmas…

Only decorating the house with white Christmas decorations does make decisions a lot easier! But mainly, it’s because I am choosing to do things this Christmas that I enjoy and find beautiful!  After our recent living room makeover, a dark green tree with white Christmas decorations is right at home!

White Christmas Decorations

So here are some handmade ideas for white Christmas decorations for your home this season. From white ornaments to Christmas decals, enjoy decorating for a white Christmas.

1. Christmas Tree Skirt

Let the kids or grandies know where Christmas gifts are to stay!  Also, a Christmas tree skirt, especially one of these white cotton and natural burlap tree skirts gives a simple, beautiful feel to your Christmas tree.   You can choose between white, red or ivory for the personalized quilted edge.

Click here to order>>> Personlized Christmas Tree Skirt

2.  White Christmas Garlands

A pretty white (of course!) Christmas garland can be hang across a window, from a mantle or above the party table.  You could also make a feature wall of Christmas garlands or dress your dining table with these classy white garlands.

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Wool Garland

I love having items made from natural materials in my home.  So this Christmas I chose to decorate with more of those things!  Like this white felt ball garland!  It turned out to be such a good idea because it was so easy (and light) to string across our real Christmas tree.

Choose the size and length of felt wool garlands to suit the space you are decorating.

Click here to order>>> White Wool Garland

Also love this white garland with the different size felt balls!

Click here to order>>> White Wool Garland

Crochet Snowflake Garland

White snowflakes and Christmas trees crocheted from cotton make a delicate and unique way to decorate for Christmas. Also check out our list of snowflake ornaments!

Click here to order >>> White Christmas garland

3. White Christmas Ornaments

Each of these handmade white Christmas ornaments are beautiful and perfect for decorating your Christmas tree.

Click here to order >>> clay bauble ornaments. Also come in sets of Christmas trees and hearts.

Click here to order >>> ceramic white star ornaments.

Click here to order >>> White Christmas tree decorations.

4.  White Christmas Decals

Snowflake Decals

Easy to apply and remove. Create the cozy feeling of winter this holiday season.

Click here to order >>> snowflake decals.

Reindeer Decal

A set of 8 white Reindeer stickers cut from high quality white static cling material.  These reindeer decals are very easy to apply and are, of course, reusable!

Click here to order >>> reindeer decals.

5.  Burlap Christmas Wreath

What a beautiful way to welcome guests to your front door with this burlap and muslin wreath!

Hand cut strips of natural fabric which are tied by hand to a wire form. The strips are packed tightly for a full, thick wreath. Finished wreath measures almost 21″ across. A simple, elegant bow made of burlap adorns one side.

Click here to order >>> Christmas wreath.

6.  Christmas Countdown Calendar

Decorate your home this holiday season with this rustic farmhouse white and wood Christmas Advent Calendar.  It will match any of your white Christmas decorations for years to come. 

Click here to order >>> Christmas advent calendar.

7.  White Christmas Stockings

For those of us who have been “dreaming of a white Christmas”, this is the All White Collection of Christmas Stockings.  A gorgeous set of 4 quilted holiday stockings.  Each white Christmas stocking has been made with different details at the top of the stocking for a special handmade item you will be using for years to come.

Click here to order >>> White Christmas stockings.

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