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50 Fun Things To Do With Your Kids

50 Fun Things To Do With Your Kids


As some wise person once said, “The days are long but the years are short”.

Ever feel like the boring parent? That all you seem to do is cook, clean up, stop the kids from fighting etc. Yes!! 

Recently I had been feeling like that.  All the time! It felt like the bulk of my parenting was about preparing meals, and following up homework, and refereeing sibling fights.

I could hear my own voice reminding the kids to do their teeth, pack their school lunch, pick up their dirty socks, put them in the wash etc. Again and again!

When Being A Parent Sucks

I know some of that not so fun stuff is simply the season of parenting I am in.  Right now, my kids are 7, 8 and 11 years old and they are learning to take responsibility for themselves.

However, I am a big believer in enjoying what I do… at least most of the time! I think life is too short to struggle through indefinitely.

Plus, I have learnt from experience that just getting by or surviving without fun, laughter and enjoyment in my life is not good for my mental health.  Hello burn out!

The Benefits of Play

Play is not just important for our kids, it is also healthy for us adults too! It is an important way of improving our own imaginations, creativity, problem-solving abilities and emotional well-being.

Yes, play is an essential form of relaxation and stimulation for all ages!

Why You & I Need To Do Fun Things With Our Kids

So when parenting feels hard, I encourage you to purposefully choose to spend more of your time engaging in fun and playful activities with your kids.

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50 Fun Things To Do With Kids

Here’s my list of ideas for fun things to do with your kids.  Some of these take only 5 minutes, some are whole day activities.

1 Take turns saying tongue twisters.

2. Construct things from boxes.

3. Plant some seeds.

4. Make milkshakes.

5. Jump on a trampoline.

6. Climb a tree.

7. Play a game of outdoor four square.

8. Cook together.

9. Play a board game.

10. Visit the op shop or thrift store, and look for cheap treasures or second hand books.

11. Have a movie night at home.

12. Sunset dinner: buy or pack a dinner and take it to the beach to watch the sunset.

13. Enjoy a water park.

14. Research a “how does this work” topic on YouTube.

15. Look for bugs or snails in the back yard.

16. Make up silly songs about everyday things.

17. Make and decorate biscuits or cookies.

18. Build stuff with Lego.

19. Play loud music and try out some crazy dance moves.

20. Build a fire and toast marshmallows.

21. Paint with water.

22. Read a chapter book adventure story aloud.

23. Create with play dough.

24. Draw and colour pictures.

25. Try out funny voices.

26. Take a walk around your neighbourhood.

27. Have a barbecue at a local park.

28. Create a treasure hunt in the house or back yard.

29. Go swimming at the local pool or beach.

30. Visit the local library.

31. Go to the zoo.

32. Play card games.

33. Go for a bike ride.

34. Build sand castles.

35. Read a funny picture book aloud. 

36. Tell funny stories.

37. Make your own home made movie.

38. Have a pillow fight.

39. Thumb-wrestle, play mercy, or have a tickle fight.

40. Play hide and seek.

41. Visit a local museum.

42. Write stories together.

43. Get up early, pack breakfast, and have a sunrise breakfast.

44. Go for a bush walk or hike.  

45. Visit a nature playground.

46. Make and play with fluffy slime.

47. Do a jigsaw puzzle.

48. Make damper.

49. Do some finger knitting.

50. Have a nap together!

What activities do you enjoy doing with your kids?