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100 Fun Things to Do in the School Holidays

100 Fun Things to Do in the School Holidays

Gosh, that time again already… school holidays!

Most of the time the kids and I, are looking forward to school holidays.  No early school mornings, a break from making school lunches, getting kids to do homework etc.   But just as easily the school holiday time can pass without having done anything productive, memorable or fun!

Well here are 100 ideas for fun things to do in the holidays. Use these ideas to write your own fun list, or even include a few home projects or errands you want to accomplish during the break.

Don’t forget to download your free School Holiday Planner too, to print out and stick on the fridge!  Check out the link at the end of this post.

What To Do In School Holidays…

Things to do with Friends & Family

things to do in the holidays - visit family and friends

1  Have a sleepover.

2.  Plan a play date to each other’s homes.

3.  Go to a park to ride bikes or scooters.

4.  Play soccer.

5.  Have a game of bocce.

6.  Meet up at a indoor play centre.

7.  Go on a bush walk or nature walk together.

8.  Have a picnic at an adventure playground.

9.  Dress up and take funny photos.

10.. Start a secret club (with all kids included).

11.  Meet at the local pool for swimming.

Things to do at Home

things to do in the holidays - get projects done at home

12. Declutter and organise the toys.

13. Weed the garden.

14. Plant a vegetable garden.

15. Sort the kids artwork and make a pretty display with some of it.

16.  Do these end of school year tasks.

17.  Declutter and organise the kids’ clothes.

18.  Declutter and organise the kids books.

19.  Clean out the pantry.

20.  Declutter the freezer.

21.  Re-fill the freezer with school snacks  for the following term.

Places to Visit

22.  Zoo.

23.  A fun park.

24. Take a ride on a ferry.

25.  Use public transport and visit the city for the day.

26.  An animal shelter.

27. A wildlife park.

28.  The beach.

29.  A theatre production especially for children.

things to do in the school holidays

30.  Ikea.

31.  Library.

32.  Op shops or thrift stores.

33.  Museum.

34. A botanical garden.

35.  Indoor rock climbing centre.

36.  Music concert.

37.  Art and craft class.

38.  Kids workshops.

39.  Maccas playground.

40.  Local park.

41.  Ice skating rink.

42.  Art gallery.

43.  Cinema.

44.  Strawberry farm.

45.  Fruit orchards.

46.  Chocolate factory.

47.  Ice creamery.

48.  Local markets.

49.  Kids cooking class.

50.  A new area of your city or a town.

51.  Puppet Show.

Things to Create, Make Or Bake

things to do in the school holidays

52.  Indoor cubbies with blankets or boxes.

53.  Box construction.

54.  Kinetic sand.

55.  Play dough.

56.  Drawing or colouring in.

57.  Cookies or a cake.

58.  Home made pizza.

59.  A fruit or salad platter.

60.  An outdoor obstacle course.

61.  Finger puppets.

62.  Gingerbread people.

63.  Sew doll’s clothes.

64.  Bead jewelry.

65.  Write a story.

66.  Build a Lego construction.

67.  Design a range of fashion clothes.

68.  Knit a scarf.

69.  Decorate cupcakes.

70.  Make crazy sandwich fillings.

 Games to Play

100 things to do in the holidays - play games like chess

71. Puzzles.

72.  Treasure hunt.

73.  Hide and seek.

74.  Pretend or imaginary games.

75.  Monopoly.

76. UNO

77.  Lego or Duplo.

78.  Chess.

79.  Hop scotch.

80.  Jump rope.

Errands to do

things to do in the school holidays

81.  Write thank you cards.

82.  Haircuts.

83.  Dental check ups.

84.  Annual eye test.

85.  Take the dog for a vet check.

86.  Get the car serviced.

87.  Clean, mend or replace school uniforms.

88.  Restock school supplies.

89.  Buy the essentials – hair lackeys, undies and socks.

90.  Get new school shoes.


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things to do in the holidays that are relaxing

91.  Sleep in.

92.  Have a “make your own fun” day.

93.  Read books.

94.  Lie outside in the sun.

95.  Take a nap.

96.  Listen to an audio book.

97.  Have unstructured play time.

98.  Spend time in nature.

99.  Talk to each other.

100.  Let the kids make their own breakfast or lunch.

Create an outline of what activities and jobs you want to do these holidays.

Even stick it to the fridge so that the kids know what will be happening and when.

Organising Tip:  Make sure to not over schedule your days.  After all, it is an opportunity for rest and relaxation.  Choose your top 2-3 tasks or activities for each week.  Anything else is a bonus!

Click on the link below to get your free school holiday planner now!

things to do in the holidays with free planner