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Cute Soft Toy Storage Ideas

Cute Soft Toy Storage Ideas

Gorgeous Stuffed Animal Storage Ideas

The conversation goes something like this with one of my kids while we are decluttering & organising their bedroom.

Mum – Gosh child, you have a lot of stuffed animals!  What don’t you chose a few that you don’t play with anymore to give away?

Said Child – But how do I get rid of… (And goes about naming ALL 25 of the stuffed toys spread on the bed, giving each one an affectionate squeeze in the process) I play WITH THEM ALL!

Mum – But where are you going to keep them?

Child – Good point!

Thank goodness there are ways to store collections of cute soft, cuddly toys so they don’t end up becoming as annoying as LEGO pieces.

Read on to find out how!

1. Stuffed Animal Zoo

OK, this has to be one of the cutest and most creative ways to store your kids’ stuffed toys.  The stuffed animals are stored away, yet easily available to play with.

After all, don’t stuffed animals need an zoo to live in? Bonus, get one of these Etsy stuffed animal zoos (see below) personalised with your child’s name.

Recommended: for a playroom or bedroom where you have lots of floor space, and a ton of stuffed toys to store.

Click here to order your stuffed animal zoo

2. Stuffed Animal Hammock

A toy hammock is a great choice for older kids, as well as tween to teens who have a collection of soft toys, they want to have on display or still play with.

Confession time – I admit I might have had a considerable collection of stuffed animals as a young teen.  Thanks to a lucky run with the coin machines at our local fair, I ended up winning 2 bags worth of soft toys.  That’s why my room was always a mess back then Mum, I didn’t know how to store my stuffed animals.

An hammock would have been the perfect solution! The toys are visible, and it saves on floor space

Attach your hammock to the wall with removable suction hooks in the corner of the room.  Just remember to get ones, suitable for the weight it will hold.

Recommended: for older kids who can be trusted with a net hanging from the wall.

Click here to order your macramé stuffed animal hammock

Or why not make your own crochet hammock…

Click here to order this toy hammock pattern

Click here to order your toy hammock crochet pattern 

3. DIY Stuffed Animal Storage

What abut a toy organizer you can make yourself? Use this simple Etsy sewing pattern (below) to create some cute hanging bags or pods.

Recommended: This would suit a small collection of stuffed animals that can be hang from a hook in the playroom or bedroom.

Pop a book in with a special soft toy or two, and it makes a portable busy bag for young kids to take with them.

Click here to order your hanging storage basket pattern download

4. Stuffed Animal Basket

OK I reckon these storage baskets via Etsy would have to be the second cutest storage option for stuffed toys.

Choose a basket or more to suit the theme and colour scheme of your nursery or toddler room, or child’s bedroom.

Plus, they:

  • are washable.
  • are reusable for other kinds of storage as your kids grow out of playing with stuffed animals.
  • can even be hang up.
  • can be used in a cube storage unit with the right size.

Recommended: if you want a storage solution that is super versatile.

Click here to order your personalized storage basket

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5. Stuffed Animal Storage Crate

This option is great because it can be personalised to suit the look of the room and even your children’s interests.

Also you will probably find that the crate itself, becomes something to play with.

I used this kind of storage for the kids’ stuffed animals when they were younger, and the box soon had a role in many imaginary play games.  From a bed for the toys to a counter in a little shop, when it was turned over.

Like storage baskets, it can also be used to store other kinds of things, as the kids get older.

Recommended: All ages, especially young ones who will use it as part of their play.  Crates are super useful!

6. Stuffed Animal Bean Bag

This idea wasn’t around when I was a kid.  But if it was, I probably would have insisted that my siblings and I fill a bean bag or two with stuffed animals.

Really it is a guilt-free way of holding onto your stuffed animals, and storing those large ones.

See, out of sight and bonus, it provides a comfy place to sit and read a book, or watch a Minecraft episode.  Those soft toys are now really useful!

Simply, unzip the bag to play with them all!

Recommended: Great for large collections of stuffed animals, especially big size toys, and when they are not personal favourites.

Click here to order your stuffed animal bean bag

7. Stuffed Animal Chair

A variation of the stuffed animal bean bag, and similarly, an useful way of storing your kids’ stuffed toys. Bonus, kids can use it as a chair to pull up to their LEGO table or play table.

Recommended: for younger children.

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