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Why I Recommend Simply Clean

Why I Recommend Simply Clean

I recently ordered a copy of the home organisation book, Simply Clean by Becky Rapinchuk, founder of Clean Mama.  It was the sub-title that grabbed me.  Especially those last 5 words!

“The Proven Method for Keeping Your Home Organized, Clean and Beautiful In Just 10 Minutes A Day”.

Who is with me, in loving the idea of having a clean home in 10 minutes or less a day?

Simply Clean Book Review

I have shared previously how I don’t like to tidy up, and how often I try to clean my home.  So I wanted to know if there really is a proven way, to make organising and cleaning my home easier and faster.

Well, the answer is… yes and no!

Becky Rapinchuk describes her Simply Clean method as “the secret to cleaning less, yet having a cleaner home.”

According to the Clean Mama, if you follow this flexible cleaning method, it means anything can happen in your life and you would still be able to keep your home clean.  That sounds good!

For example; the washing machine breaks down and you find yourself having to fit in trips to a friend’s house to get clothes clean.  (That happened to us recently!)

So how is it possible for your house to stay clean and organised (we are not talking perfection here!) whatever your week looks like?

Rapinchuk explains that the secret is to have a plan and leave one day a week as a catch-up day for any tasks that got missed during the rest of the week.

Have A Plan For…

Daily Cleaning Tasks

The basis of the Simply Clean book is a few simple actions completed every day, referred to as daily cleaning tasks.  The idea is that by repeatedly doing these tasks they will become a habit.  Cleaning will then feel almost effortless!  Hmm… cleaning effortless?

Rapinchuk describes 5 daily tasks, which to me are based on common sense and I reckon many of us would already be doing those tasks each day.

However if you feel like your home is chaotic and messy most of the time, and like you have no consistent plan for keeping it clean and organised then you will find this section of the Simply Clean book helpful.

I liked how tips are included underneath each daily task, which are like shortcuts for how to complete each task more quickly.  Time wise, the book suggests 10 minutes a day to complete your 5 daily tasks.

Weekly Cleaning Tasks

Weekly cleaning tasks are the second part of the plan described in the Simply Clean book.  These will take 10 to 15 minutes a day to complete apparently.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by them you are given permission at this stage of the Simply Clean book to skip moving onto more checklists and instead stick with the daily and weekly tasks.

Rapinchuk suggests making the daily and then weekly routines a regular habit first.  Really sensible advice I thought!

Bonus Section: Take A Challenge!

I love how the book includes the tools to get started with these routines too.  There is a section detailing a 7 Day Simply Clean Kick Start  challenge which aims to quickly get you into the habit of cleaning your home.

Then when you are comfortable with that, you can move onto completing the 28 Day Simply Clean Challenge.  This is designed as a catch up challenge done alongside the weekly and daily tasks.  Apparently it takes only 10 to 15 minutes a day to complete and there are checklists galore to tick off your progress.

Rapinchuk does suggest starting with a 2 to 7 day decluttering challenge before tackling the cleaning tasks.  However if you are someone like me who is dealing with years of accumulated stuff, I don’t think that would work.

I reckon decluttering is better as a once in a life time event. That way you learn to know what you love and don’t love, and clutter is less likely to accumulate in the future.

Get Yourself A Copy Of The Simply Clean Book If…

You Are Needing Direction & Encouragement

Rapinchuk really does write in such an encouraging way.  You are reminded throughout the book to work where ever you are at. A little bit every day is better than a lot of effort and then bombing out.

So if you are just starting out with establishing a cleaning routine or getting back into a regular cleaning routine, then you will find this book encouraging, helpful and relevant to your situation!

If you have had to put off regular cleaning for a while then following this plan would be a great way to catch up on cleaning and getting your home in order again.

You Want Cleaning Routines That Are Already Done For You

This book would be great for you if you are looking for a prepared cleaning routine that works!  No more indecision about what tasks to do and when.  Instead follow a straight forward plan, that over time will become a habit.

You Love Ticking Off Checklists

simply clean book review

Now that could become a past time all by itself!

But seriously the Simply Clean book has a whole section of checklists to print out and use in your own home.  Get the benefits of tracking your progress!

Checklists include:

  • Daily Cleaning Tasks
  • Weekly Cleaning Tasks
  • January to December Monthly Cleaning Tasks
  • Spring Cleaning Tasks
  • 28 Day Simply Clean Challenge and more…

You Want To Use Natural Cleaners In Your Home

Easy DIY cleaning recipes included for you to mix up a safe and effective cleaner from just a few ingredients.  Plus, instructions on what natural cleaners to use where in your home.

You Want To Learn How To Speed Clean

Checklists and quick tips to clean any room in your home fast and efficiently.  Knowing a quick way to clean any space will save you time and energy.

Personally, What I Got Out Of The Simply Clean Book…

That there is a simple way for ANY person to establish a cleaning routine in their home. I love the checklists and will be using them to work on being more consistent with my own routines.

It’s also changed my mind about how I have been doing laundry.  I’m no longer putting away clean clothing on a different day to when it is washed and hang out to dry.  Instead  I am now trialing doing one load of washing from start to finish on the same day.

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