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Best School Work Organizer

Best School Work Organizer

How To Organize School Work

Does it feel like your kids are always bringing home a never ending stream of school work, school projects or artwork? It can be overwhelming and lead to clutter, especially when you don’t have a strategy for how to organize those school papers.

Well, save your desk and your sanity from school paper clutter with one of these three school work organizer ideas.

1.  Magazine File Holder

Image Credit Martha Stewart

Advantages of Using Magazine Holders:

  • Inexpensive
  • Take up less space
  • Portable

This is the type of school work organizer I currently use to organise school papers for my three kids, who are 7, 8 and 11 years old.

I did start off creating a memory or keepsake boxes for each of them using large plastic storage containers.  They were able to fit quite a bit of work in them.  But the size was becoming an issue!

When I was decluttering the house, I realised how much school and art work I had actually kept. 

At that rate, my kids who are in the beginning years of school would eventually be leaving home with boxes and boxes of school memorabilia. Where on earth was I going to store all those boxes? 

So now I have ditched the bigger storage boxes in favour of three magazine holders (I got mine at Ikea).  One for each child.

At the moment, everything to be kept goes in there, reports, class photos, certificates, work etc.  Later I may chose to sort the contents by year or type.

For now, it is lovely to have less school paper clutter and not have to think about where to store three big boxes.

2.  School Binder or Artwork Binder

Image Credit : Your Modern Family

The great thing about a schoolwork binder or artwork portfolio to organise school papers is that it is easy to view the contents. This is helpful when grandparents or other family come to visit and the kids want to show them their work.


  • The size of the artwork and other projects you want it to hold.  Go for a larger size binder or portfolio if you can.
  • Whether you will use one binder for multiple school years.
  • The kind of dividers you want to use.
  • A printable binder cover so it is clear what child and school years its for.

3.  File Box School Organizer

Image Credit A Bowl Full Of Lemons

This is a really practical and easy option for a school keepsake or memory box.

Set up a simple filing system with a plastic box and file dividers.  Label each divider with the school year and items are simply stored in that section.

What is your favorite school work organizer?

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