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Printable Family Chore Charts You Can Edit

Printable Family Chore Charts You Can Edit

Did your parents get you to do chores as kid? Mind did! How I remember squabbling with my siblings over whose turn it was to do the dishes.  Gosh, there were some intense tea towel fights during that time!

But I must have gotten something out of it because when I moved out of home in my early 20s, the dishes roster tradition and sharing chores continued. 

I moved into a share house in the city with two of my siblings and we were civil!  We sat down and divided up who was cooking what night.  We created a dishes roster.  We shared out the household tasks.  Mum and Dad would have been proud!

Are Chore Charts A Good Idea?

Whether you grew up with a chore chart, or not, I am sure as a parent you now recognise that having kids do jobs at home is good for them.  More than that, it keeps us from becoming cranky, overworked parents!  Yes, chore charts are a good idea!

Research by Marty Rossmann confirms this, children who are given chores to do will have higher self-esteem, be more responsible, and are better able to deal with frustration and delay gratification, all of which contribute to greater success in school.

We have a running joke in our family, when someone is being lazy about doing a job.  We jokingly remind them that as an adult they may have trouble finding a housemate or partner who would be willing to do that task for them every time.

How do I start a family chore chart?

A chore chart for kids can have a list of daily tasks or weekly tasks, or both. It can be jobs that each child is personally responsible for like making their bed or brushing their teeth, as well as household chores that are shared between all family members.

Divide up family chores by age and interest if applicable. Examples of chores that must be done everyday in a family are tidying up, setting the table for meals and packing away, preparing meals, washing dishes laundry, feeding pets.

Weekly chores could be tidying bedrooms, vacuuming and mopping floors, food shopping, cleaning the bathroom.

Editable Family Chore Charts

Set up a weekly chore chart for kids and even the adults in your family with one of these printable and editable family chore charts below. Make sure to include your chore chart or cleaning schedule as part of your family command center.

A weekly family chore chart that includes 2 to 5 people!

Click here to get this weekly family chore chart

Here’s another printable family chore chart for 2 to 5 people.

Click here to get your printable family chore chart

Weekly chore chart for each family member.

Click here to get your printable weekly chore chart

A responsibility chart with daily chores and weekly goals. Love it!

Click here to get your printable chore chart

Organize the kids chores with this colorful daily chore chart.

Click here to order your kids chore chart

Use this chore chart to link completion of chores with weekly allowance.

Click here to order your allowance tracker chore chart

A fun and colorful chore chart for kids with daily responsibilities and weekly chores.

Click here to get your printable chore chart for kids

This chore chart for kids is set up well so not to be overwhelming.

Click here to get your weekly chore chart

A daily and weekly chore chart for kids with a section to include a reward.

Click here to get your printable chore chart

 Do Adults Use Chore Charts?

Why not! We love this editable cleaning schedule! Who doesn’t love a checklist? Easily see what weekly, quarterly and annual chores need doing, and keep track of it.

Click here to get your printable cleaning schedule

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