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How To Create A Peaceful Home

How To Create A Peaceful Home

It is something we all long for! To have a peaceful home. What does that look like and what’s the easiest way to make your home peaceful and tranquil?

Here are 3 things I consider are essential for creating a peaceful home environment. However, take note, out of all of these things, there’s one thing that matters the most!

How To Have A Peaceful Home

1. Routine

Some kind of order or routine makes for a peaceful home. You go to bed and get up in the morning at roughly the same time every day. You make your bed. You have healthy daily habits…

Most of the stuff in your home has a place it belongs. And it gets put there most of the time. There is routine that brings a sense of calm and predictably for living.

Check out how I plan my week to create routine in my life.

2. Less Stuff

Calm in your home is one of the benefits of downsizing or decluttering your stuff. You have less stuff to tidy, think about and just generally manage. Plus, an uncluttered home is gentle on your senses!

Want encouragement and help with decluttering?

Routines, less stuff, but there is one thing I reckon matters more! Read on to found out…

3. Have Real Peace In Your Life

I grew up in a home where we had lots of routine. My parents had us in bed by 7.30pm every night regardless. We had chores to do and even a roster for dishes, my least favorite job. We HAD routine!

Our house was spacious and uncluttered. Neither of my parents were collectors of anything in particular. Yet it wasn’t a peaceful home environment!

Mainly, because of the people living in the home. So much unhealthy relating and conflict that made for an extremely stressful home!

You create a peaceful home when you have genuine peace in your life!

How To Have A Peaceful Mind

So here are 3 ways I work at being a person who has peace, and therefore creates a peaceful home for those who live there.

Choose Contentment

Discontentment makes even the finest gifts in the world seem ugly and useless. It is a filter that colors everything and affects the well being of those around us.

We know it when our own kids are discontent, complaining about the meal we have just prepared because boy, does it grate on our nerves. There is nothing as sweet as a child that genuinely appreciates something and says so, and you know they are not manipulating you for extra screen time!

Practice gratitude by:

  • At the end of each day, think of 3 things that were good about that day.
  • At the dinner table, get everyone to share something they are thankful for about their day or week.
  • At the end of the week, write a list of what was good about your week.

Be Available

I have the tendency to withdraw into myself when I face stressful situations. Well that would be fine if I lived alone and just had the cats for company.

But I don’t, and what I have learnt from experience and from what child health experts say, is that kids (and even babies) can internalise my mood into negative assumptions about themselves. Those negative beliefs can even outlast the very life of the parents.

What is simply Mom trying to anaylyse a difficult conversation she had with a friend, and untintentionally ignores her child’s bids for attention, can be received as rejection or I’m not important or even Mom doesn’t really love me.

So I try to stay emotionally and physically available for my kids. If they speak to me I try to pay them attention and listen. If they ask me for something, I hear it and can respond to their request.

If behaviour starts to get out of control, I can hopefully think of some way of responding… The internally mulling still happens, just a bit less and at more appropriate times.

Sometimes when I feel overwhelmed, I share with my kids why I am not able to respond to them immediately. Eg I am feeling sad right now and need to be quiet. It a kind and more respectful way of relating to people than being emotionally unavailable!

Be Responsible For Your Own Well Being

I take responsibility for my own well-being rather than relying on circumstances to make me feel good.

For me personally, that means being intentional about getting 7-8 sleep every night, doing something active every day, eating regularly, planning fun events and holidays and managing challenges that arise in a healthy way. And being kind to myself!

It’s deciding that even when life’s circumstances are at their most difficult, I can choose not to be grumpy with my family.

And that my friends, is what creates a peaceful home environment. Better yet, that is what helps model to and teach my kids how to create a peaceful home…

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