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How To Organize A Baby Dresser

How To Organize A Baby Dresser

Yes, you can organize baby clothes easily without a closet! A baby dresser is a great way to keep all those cute outfits and accessories in one place.

Filling the baby dresser with tiny clothing has to be one of the most fun things about preparing for the arrival of a baby.  

Seeing an organized dresser full of cute baby clothing does increase anticipation and excitement for the coming arrival.  Cute baby outfits evokes a “can’t believe its real” feeling!

Our little one is not so little anymore, 11 weeks old today and already into her third size of baby clothes.  

I have appreciated that I spent the time organizing the baby clothes initially especially as we are doing a nursery in parents’ bedroom.  

Our baby dresser is one drawer in our own bedroom dresser. (There are no closets in any of our bedrooms!) As we had to find storage in a small space I decluttered and reorganised my clothes to give baby her own storage space.  

Here’s a few tips and tricks for how to best organize your baby dresser.  

How To Organize Baby Clothing In A Dresser

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1. Divide Your Drawers

Baby clothing is quite small compared to adult clothing and does not take up as much room. (Thank goodness!) 

It means you can fit a lot more clothing in the same space.  But as you don’t want one big pile of clothes it makes sense to add in some drawer organizers.  

What to use as organizers? Really you can use any container or box that fits the dresser.  Super inexpensive is repurposing shoe boxes.  

When organizing my boys’ dresser, I used plastic baskets from the dollar store.  For baby’s dresser I got the white boxes below from Ikea. I bought 3 and in the end could only fit 2 in each drawer.  

Stuk box with compartments from Ikea

2. Sort, Sort, Sort

What do you put in a baby dresser? You can put baby clothes, and other baby items.   

First sort your baby clothes by size. I had clothing in 5 different sizes which makes up the Australian sizes I would need in the first 12 months.  

Then sort by type of clothing.  This may include sleep suits, onesies or body suits, pants, tops, singlets, hats, socks.  I also divided some of these into long sleeves, short sleeves and no sleeves.

2. Fold or Store

As the baby clothes were going into our own dresser, I chose to store the bigger sizes in plastic bins under our bed.  

Clothes still went into the storage boxes by size and type.  Really helpful when I had to work out what I still needed to buy.  Just count the number of sleep suits etc.

Read about the cloth diapers or nappies I am using!

How do you fold baby clothes in a dresser? If all the items are exactly the same colour and size you can put them in a pile.  I did that with singlets.  Freshly washed singlets get put back at the bottom of the pile.

Otherwise I use Marie Kondo‘s method of folding clothes.  Upright and in thirds.  Organize by colour.  

3. Fill The Dividers

Now you will want to put all those tiny cute baby clothes into the dividers you have in your dresser.

If you are using multiple drawers make sure to put the current clothing where it is easiest to access and bigger sizes for later below that. You may want to use the top drawer for other baby items.

Adjust where things go until the clothes fit, making sure like items are together.

This would work the same for a combined baby dresser changing table. You will want everything that is needed for diaper changing to be stored in this dresser.  Lotions, creams, diapers, wipes etc.  

Bonus: Printable Baby Drawer Labels

Now that your dresser is organized make it easier to know what clothes are what by adding these adorable baby drawer labels below.  Check out these cute ones from Etsy…

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