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Have An Organised Freezer (Free Printable Freezer Inventory)

Have An Organised Freezer (Free Printable Freezer Inventory)

Alternative title: How One Mum’s Lack Of Organisation Almost Injured Her Kid!

Yep, we almost had an accident in our home this past weekend!  My youngest had run over to the fridge after finishing his dinner.  Very enthusiastically, he opened the freezer door to get the promised ice cream out.  Only before he could get to the ice cream, two containers of frozen meals fell out and hit him on the head. They then broke open on hitting the tile floor.  Ok, I did not have an organised freezer!

I know, I know!! Decluttering the freezer has been on my to-do list for a while.  I wasn’t sure how long I could put if off and get away with my “just shove in it and close the door quick” strategy.  However I didn’t expect my procrastination to result with a bump on the head of my 6 year old.

Well this weekend I made it a priority, with the knowledge that falling freezer items had now become a safety issue in my home.

Guess what?  The whole task only took me 15 minutes!! I know 15 minutes!! And a couple of extra minutes to write down what I actually had in the freezer so I could use it up.

15 mInute task to clean the freezer out

You Can Have An Organised Freezer!!

So here’s the simple and quick way to clean out your freezer…

Step 1. Open the freezer door and hope nothing else falls out in the process!!

Have an organised freezer.

Step 2.  Take out all the contents of the freezer

Discard anything that’s too old, your not what sure what it is anymore, affected by freezer burn or probably won’t get used. Like the 4 or more packets of bread with just the crusts left in it!

Contents of the freezer on the kitchen bench

Step 3.  Wipe out the freezer

Make your own natural fridge/ freezer cleaner below and reduce the need for chemicals which could be absorbed by the food.

  • 1/2 cup white vinegar
  • 1 cup hot water
  • 3-5 drops of your favourite essential oil

Add the ingredients to an empty spray bottle and shake.  Then spray to use!

Wipe the empty shelves clean on the way to having an organised freezer.

Step 4.  Re-stock the freezer

Make sure to note down what food you are putting back in the freezer and the quantities of each.  That will help in creating your next weekly meal plan and use up some of the contents.  

I created a simple printable Freezer Inventory below for just that purpose.

Also label each bag or container you put back with the contents and date it was frozen if you know.  An easy way is to use a marker and write straight on the packaging.

Storage Tip: To avoid freezer burn ruining your frozen food, repackage any food that has parts exposed to the air and is still ok to use.

Examples of suitable packaging are freezer bags, BPA plastic or glass storage containers, ziplock bags, or cling wrap with aluminum foil over the top.

More Tips For Freezing Food

Do you have an organised freezer?

Save time & money! And prevent injuries to your kids.  Download my free Freezer Inventory Printable to organise the contents of your freezer.

freezer inventory printable