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16 Nursery Animal Wall Art Ideas

16 Nursery Animal Wall Art Ideas

One of the best things about decorating for a little one is that you can decorate their room how ever you like!  So have fun with it, I reckon!   In contrast, as they get older you will need to incorporate more of their tastes and personality into decorating their bedroom and less of your own good taste.

A quick and easy way to decorate your baby’s bedroom is with wall art.  Whether you get a printed poster mailed to you, or you get a digital file and arrange to have it printed yourself, it is such an affordable and easy way to personalize your little one’s room. Choose a cute frame and hang it on the wall, and you are good to go!

Tips For Decorating A Nursery With Wall Art

Nursery animal wall art can create a whimsical and engaging atmosphere for your baby’s room. Here are some tips to consider when selecting and arranging animal-themed wall art for the nursery:

1. Choose a Theme

Decide on a specific animal theme or concept for the nursery. See our list of themes for a nursery.

2. Consider Colors

Choose wall art that complements the nursery’s color scheme. Soft, pastel colors work well for a soothing and calming environment.

3. Mix and Match

Don’t limit yourself to one type of animal. Mix different animals and styles of art to add variety and visual interest to the room.

4. Personalization

Look for customizable or personalized animal art, such as prints featuring your child’s name or birth details.

5. Arrangement and Placement:

Decide on the layout and arrangement of the wall art before hanging. You could create a central focal point with one large piece or create a collage with smaller pieces.

6. Use Floating Shelves or Ledges:

Consider using floating shelves or picture ledges to display framed animal art. This allows you to easily switch out and rearrange the art as your child grows.

7. Mix with Other Decor

Combine the animal wall art with other nursery decor elements like stuffed animals, bedding, and accessories to create a cohesive theme.

8. Safety First

Ensure that the wall art is securely hung and out of reach of curious little hands. Use proper hanging hardware to avoid accidents.

Remember that nursery decor is a personal expression of your style and preferences. Have fun selecting animal wall art that resonates with you and creates a warm, inviting, and imaginative space for your little one.

16 Nursery Animal Wall Art Ideas

Here are some favorite nursery animal print ideas to consider for your baby’s room available via Etsy. All of these animal wall art ideas are available as a digital download so you can print and frame as you like.

Minimalist Silhouettes

Clean and simple animal silhouettes against a colored or patterned background can create a modern and stylish look.

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Animal Alphabet

Combine education and decor with an animal alphabet print. Each letter is represented by an animal, making it both visually appealing and fun for learning.

Adorable prints featuring animals like foxes, owls, bears, and rabbits create a cozy woodland-themed nursery.

Safari Adventure

Bring the excitement of the savanna with safari animal prints, including lions, elephants, giraffes, and zebras.

Nursery Rhyme Animals

Consider prints inspired by classic nursery rhymes like “Hey Diddle Diddle,” featuring beloved animal characters.

Whimsical Illustrations

Playful and imaginative animal illustrations with quirky details can add a sense of wonder to the room.

Farm Friends

Create a charming farmyard atmosphere with prints of barnyard animals like cows, pigs, chickens, and horses.

Under The Sea

Dive into an underwater adventure with prints of marine animals such as fish, whales, seahorses, and turtles.

Zoo Animals

Create a vibrant and lively feel by arranging multiple prints of different zoo animals in a collage-like fashion.

Remember that the animal prints you choose should reflect your personal style and the atmosphere you want to create in the nursery. Mix and match different styles to create a cohesive and visually appealing space that both you and your little one will enjoy.

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