23 Ways To Get Motivation To Clean Your House

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23 ways to get motivation to clean and declutter your home

Some days or even some seasons it is difficult to have motivation to clean the house.

Here are some helpful suggestions, that women like you, use to get motivation to clean their own homes and get back into a regular cleaning routine.

Bonus: Download a free home cleaning cheat sheet that will show you how to have your home looking clean and tidy with minimal effort and time.

When You Are Needing Motivation To Clean You Could…

motivation to clean

  1. Watch a decluttering show.

  2. Take a break from the kids.

  3. Do something lovely for yourself while taking a break from the kids.  Eg. Take a nap, or get a pedicure.

  4. Start again tomorrow.

  5. Put your favourite music on while cleaning.

  6. Set a timer for 15 minutes and tackle the biggest mess first.

  7. Ask hubby to pitch in with getting the house in order.

  8. Hire a one-off cleaner for 3 to 4 hours or ask a friend to help out.

  9. Write a list of what needs doing and identify the most important and urgent tasks.  Start on those tasks.

  10. Invite people over for a visit and clean like a maniac beforehand.

  11. Do the basics until motivation returns.

  12. Search Pinterest for ideas.

  13. Look at images of beautiful, organised homes.

  14. Do a detailed clean of one room in the house so it results in a remarkable difference.

  15. Write a list of jobs to do and cross off each job as it is completed.  Acknowledge what you have accomplished!

  16. Do the “Take 5 Challenge”.  Walk into a room and pick up 5 things to put away or discard etc.  Repeat until the house is looking mostly tidy again!

  17. Think about how you’ve worked for the home and life you have.  Then decide about how you want to display what you have achieved.

  18. Throw out crap! Do a general pick up of the house.  Then tackle one space a day by reducing how many things there are.

  19. Plan a reward to enjoy at the end of the cleaning time.  Eg. Sitting down with a hot cup of tea and a sweet smelling candle.

  20. Tell yourself, “Once it’s done I will feel better and the house will be easier to maintain.”

  21. Every night get the family to do a general tidy up of the house.

  22. Take a break and do an activity with the kids.  “Make memories first, the mess will be still be there when you’re done.”

  23. Watch You Tube videos describing other people’s cleaning routines.  Use that as inspiration!  If they can get their homes in order, so can you!

Simple Cleaning Routine

Bonus: Download a free home cleaning cheat sheet that will show you how to have your home looking clean and tidy with minimal effort and time.

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    • Ha, ha! True! Different things work for different people. My hubby came home from visiting a very cluttered home the other week and it motivated him to spend 2 hours detail cleaning our kitchen window. 🙂 Wouldn’t work for me though!