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Free Printable Lunch Box Notes For Kids

Free Printable Lunch Box Notes For Kids

Wondering what you can write in your kid’s lunch box? Today I have something sweet to share with you, friends!  It’s 8 cute and funny printable…      Lunch Box Love Notes!

These cute love notes for kids came about because I wanted an easy way to share with my kids how great I think they are and that I think of them during the day when they are at school.

Lunch Box Notes For Kids

Kids Lunch Box Notes

I like to try and sneak them into their lunch box without them noticing so it makes a fun surprise for my kids when they discover it at lunch break.  For the same reason, the surprise element, I don’t do it every day.

I have found it has been a great way to connect with both my sons and my daughter during their school day!

I laminated my copy of these cute and funny lunch box notes at my local library.  Then all I had to do was cut them up into individual cards and they are ready to include with my kids’ lunches.  Wipe clean and they can be used again and again!

Even simple enough to use as lunch box notes for kindergarten!

Here are 8 different love notes to put in your kids’ lunch boxes for when they are at school.

Lunch Box Love Notes:

  • Have a great day!
  • Enjoy your lunch!
  • You are super amazing!
  • You are sweet.
  • I am going bananas for you.
  • You are one amazing kid!
  • Hey there love bug!
  • Donut you know how much I love you?

Click on the link to download>>> Lunch Box Notes Printable

lunch notes for kids

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