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5 Things I am Loving This Christmas

5 Things I am Loving This Christmas

5 Things I Am Loving This December

Jacaranda Trees In Bloom

While many in the northern hemisphere are experiencing falling temperatures and shorter days, here at Christmas time the sun is blazing and everything continues to grow and bloom.  

That includes, one of my favourite trees, the Jacaranda tree with its masses of stunning, bright purple flowers.   Some refer to it as purple rain.  

I love that I live in an area of  Australia where we have lots of Jacaranda trees growing!  

Anyone would think they are native to here but actually Jacarandas are originally from Central and South America.  So in December they all bloom and it looks amazing!

End Of School Year

I think this is probably a bigger deal to my kids than me. December was a busy month with not only Christmas activities but also end of year class parties, clearing out classrooms and bringing mammoths of old schoolwork home.  

I was pleased that I was able to stay on top of it and end off the school year well.  Can’t believe my kids will be in Year 1, Year 2 and Year 5 next year!!

Re-thinking Christmas

For me Christmas triggers a lot of sad memories to do with family breakups, disconnection, as well as being reminded of family members who have passed on.  

This past week I reflected on how sadness is becoming my default response to the Christmas season and how I don’t want it to be.  Also how my attitude impacts how my kids will remember Christmas growing up.  

This year I have decided to let go of the sad memories and be intentional about creating some new traditions and new memories for all of us.  Focus on fun, friendships and embracing the natural beauty of the season!  I am feeling excited about celebrating Christmas next year already!

White Wool Garlands and A Real Christmas Tree

Following on from those thoughts about being intentional about having a joyful Christmas, I have decided that a real Christmas tree is on my wish list for next December.

We may not get snow here in Perth but I think there is something very beautiful about white against dark green.  

Side note, would you believe that I have never seen snow before in my life?  Though my brother and I got close to getting some snow when we went hiking in the Stirling Ranges in October.  Alas it wasn’t to be though the temperature was dammed cold.

Less gaudy plastic tinsel and baubles.  I hope to decorate next year with white Christmas decorations and natural textures, and perhaps even a real tree like we use to have when I was growing up.  

Christmas Baking

I wasn’t sure that i would get the opportunity to do any baking this Christmas but we did!  I ended up cooking coconut biscuits (an alternative to gingerbread) in my new oven.  

It was the first time baking in my new kitchen and I really appreciated having the extra bench space to spread out! The kids and I then took our cookies to a friends house, to decorate with them.  What a mess, what a lot of fun!

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