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How To Store Christmas Lights

How To Store Christmas Lights

Decorating for Christmas, and you pull out the Christmas lights for last season to be faced with a large tangled mess! Instead of using your time to detangle lights, why not organise your lights properly this year. Whether you use a lot or only a few Christmas lights for decorating here are some of our favourite Christmas light storage ideas.

Christmas Light Storage

Fold and Wrap Your Lights Neatly

Here is an easy way to keep your Christmas lights from getting tangled by wrapping them neatly and securing them with their own cord. Makes it easy to store and then unwrap to use again. Best when you only have a few lights to store.

Image via Oh Amanda

Wrap Around Cardboard

This Christmas light storage idea is quick, easy and inexpensive. Great for storing multiple lights. Wrap each light around a piece of cardboard and organise in a plastic container.

Image via Feed Me

Make Your Own Holders

Label and organise your Christmas lights with DIY cardboard holders with cut slits in them. Easy way to keep similar lights together! Then store in a plastic storage box.

Cardboard Tubes

Reuse cardboard paper towel rolls or similar. Cut a slit in one end to hold the end of the light strands. Pop in your storage box and you are ready for Christmas decorating.

Image via One Crazy House


Wrap each light around a plastic or wire hanger.

Plastic Bags

Tie up each strand of lights and store in separate plastic bags in a large container. Easy! Write on the bags for identification.


A simple idea is to store your icicle lights in boxes by putting a layer of newspaper between each strand. Avoid the tangle while still storing compactly.

Hanging Storage

What do you do when you use A LOT of Christmas icicle lights? Like below… Consider hanging storage on hooks. Wrapping the top strand on a cord wrapper and then hang the bundles in a ceiling space, basement or other storage area.

Image via Lightorama

Organise and store your Christmas lights with one of these Christmas light storage ideas. You’ll be amazed how many light strings you can store without them getting tangled or damaged.

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