Entry & Hallway Makeover: Is It Possible To Be Beautiful?

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Welcome to the Spring (or Autumn here in Perth, Australia) 2018 One Room Challenge.  If you are not familiar with it, this is where design and guest bloggers completely transform a space in just six weeks, documenting the process on their blogs, and revealing a brand new room at the end.

If you are new here, I’m Jane and I blog at Organised Pretty Home, which is about simple organising and decor ideas for your family home.  Welcome!

Initially my plan was to re-do the laundry room (a major job including changing plumbing and electrics around) but hubby wasn’t available to work on it with me.  So instead I have chosen to do an entryway and hallway makeover, of what is a neglected area in our house.

Entry and Hallway Makeover: Is It Possible To Be Beautiful?

So let me introduce you to my very bland and boring, small entryway and hallway…

Here she is!

hallway makeover the before

Welcome to our home! Ok I know you are probably thinking already, “Jane, are you sure you are going to be able to make this into a beautiful space?”

No, I am not sure!  But thanks to Pinterest and a few DIY tricks up my sleeve, I hope that this space will be looking a lot different in 6 weeks time.

On The To-Do List:

Front Door Update

A new front door with glass to let light in, as the entry and hallway is a very dark space.  If that doesn’t happen, the existing door will get repaired and painted.

So Much Painting

Painting base board or skirting board, metal door frames, doors, walls and ceiling.  There’s at least 6 doors there!  Yes, a lot of painting!

For some unknown reason the doors have different handles.  Instead of replacing them I am going to spray paint them all, so they have a similar look.

Oh I want to do something interesting with the blue door you can see in the pic above.  It’s actually the linen cupboard and I must have had an urge to paint it blue a few years ago.  Time for a change!

Decor & Lighting

A new welcome mat.  This one has seen better days!

Spot the bare light bulb above.  I’ve got my eye on a DIY semi-flush mount light to put there.

hallway makeover before

The current bookcase is getting moved to a different part of the house.  Too much kids’ book clutter near the front door.

I know it is traditional to have a console table, lamps and mirror in your entry, but I am hoping to have no furniture in this small space.  Instead I want to install a small jarrah shelf with brackets.

I would also love to have a large plant near the front door.  I have to see whether we get the new glass door or not first.  Yes, despite what Pinterest says, plants don’t grow well without natural light.

hallway makeover before

Family Command Centre

Around the corner in the hallway we have an area for the kids’ school bags and shoes.  I have a couple more items to add to this space to make it an effective family command centre for all of us to use.

And The Painting Continues

Do you notice where hubby has already started patching the ceiling ready to paint in the pic below?

We had a few areas which had been damaged from water leaking through the roof.  Thankfully all repaired now.

hallway makeover before

Where Can I Add Pallet Wood?

Oh yes, this is what the doors and frames currently look like.  We have ruled out buying new doors to replace them, as it doesn’t save any time or money over painting the existing ones.

However I would LOVE to add moulding to them to make them a lot more interesting!  Can I make it from pallet wood we already have? That will be a bonus project anyway depending on budget and time.

Also I want to do a pallet wood family photo to hang up on the wall in the entryway.  Should be fun!

The Plan For The Entry and Hallway Makeover

I must have to say that narrowing down what I want to do with this space, has been difficult!  Too many ideas, a budget limit and… brick walls that are hard to do anything with.

But after deciding not to go with my “pink fabric as wall paper” idea (my 8 year old son was relieved), here’s what the plan is…

Plan Update Already:  I love the look of board and batten panelling on walls.  However that change didn’t get hubby’s tick of approval.  He likes a more modern look over the traditional style I prefer.  So now I won’t be adding a whole heap of wood to my brick walls in this entry and hallway makeover.  I am fine to stick with simply repainting the walls and putting up art work or photos as it will be a lot less work for me.  Sometimes the ideas of two minds can make for a more beautiful space in the end anyway!

Now, let’s all hop over to Calling it Home to check out what the 20 featured bloggers and guest participants are working on this season. I’m so happy to be able to join in, and can’t wait to see this space in our home come together over the next six weeks.

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