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What Do You Need In A Tween Girl Bedroom

A few months ago I started working on my 10 year old daughter’s bedroom.  I repaired and painted the walls and ripped up the carpet to put down laminate wood floor boards. 

I also transformed her plain old orange pine chest of drawers with white paint.  See the result here; girls bedroom dresser!

Then all progress stopped as other projects took over! Now it is time to get this tween girl’s room finished.

Favorite Tween Bedroom Ideas

So here are some fun tween girl bedroom ideas to consider when putting together a space for your tween.


Lighting is both practical and decorative in a girl’s bedroom. It is also a great place to bring in pops of color to go with the theme of the room.

Think about what style of ceiling light or pendant light you want to use. Chandeliers are pretty in a girl’s bedroom, and yes you can get pink chandeliers! Consider a wood or rattan pendant for a more Boho look.

Decorating on a budget then go for a fabric pendant shade. They can be really inexpensive, easy to install and add interest to the room.

Also remember to include a bedside lamp or task lighting for a desk or reading area (see below). Short on space, consider a wall light that can be hung next to the bed.

Wall Mirror

Every tween girl’s bedroom needs a pretty mirror. Mirrors are great for making a small space look bigger. Hang your mirror to reflect the best views in the room.

Plus, a tween girl is at an age where they will appreciate having a mirror of their own when getting dressed.

Yes, you can hang more than one mirror in a bedroom. A mirror for dressing needs to be at the right height for your daughter. You could have a mirror over a dressing table or a full length mirror.

A decorative mirror wall mirror may be hung in a position that is not suitable for using. Use more than one mirror if you can!

Cozy Reading Space

My daughter LOVES to read! So I am definitely thinking about how to include a comfy reading space in her bedroom.

If the bedroom is bigger enough to have a separate reading corner, set it up with a comfy reading chair or bean bag.

In a small tween girl’s room, the bed can be made into a cozy reading space. Think about extra pillows or cushions!

Most importantly, consider plenty of book storage for all those favorite books!

Inspirational Wall Prints

In all my kids’ bedrooms I like to decorate with wall prints that contain words of wisdom to live by.  Etsy is one of my favorite places to find posters for kids’ rooms.

You can either purchase a PDF which you can then print yourself or buy an art print and have it shipped. Here are a few wall art ideas below that would be great for tween girls!

This beautiful print below comes in a choose of two different colors and is printed in the size you require.

Click here to order your peacock wall art

Available in multiple sizes and printed for you on matt or glossy paper.

Click here to order your girls wall print

This simple wall print comes as a digital download in one size only for you to print. This is one I chose to put up on my kids’ bedroom wall as a reminder.

Click here to order your inspirational quote printable

This inspirational print comes as a digital download which can be printed in various sizes. Add the name of your tween girl to personalize when ordering.

Click here to order your inspirational wall art

This beautiful print comes as a digital download for you to print in multiple sizes. Love the colors in this and would look amazing with a simple white or gold frame.

Click here to order your affirmation wall art

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