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Reading Nook In Living Room

Reading Nook In Living Room

All I need is a comfy chair, good lighting and a place to put my cup of tea! Oh, and a good book, of course! Then you have the perfect reading nook.

Our living room has a kid friendly sofa that all of us can pile onto. But we all know that it is not fun being disturbed by the person next to you when you are engrossed in a really good book.  Certain family members have been known to get quite grumpy when that happens! 

And as we are all avid readers, I wanted to create a cozy reading nook as part of the living room makeover.

How To Create A DIY Reading Nook

“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.” – Charles William Eliot

What Are The Contents Of A Great Reading Nook?

  • Comfy chair you can curl up in
  • Reading light
  • Cushion and/ or throw rug
  • Footstool for those who like to spread out

Comfortable Chair

Here are my freebie chair options for this reading nook.

DIY reading nook chair options

Option 1 was really too much work. Yes, all those pieces do fit together to make a chair! I’m also not the most experienced at re-upholstering chairs.

Next in line was Option 2 which has been a temporary solution in our current living room set up.  Really Option 2 chair is too small for more than one of us to sit on it at a time, especially if one of the kids wants to join me.

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Hello Option 3!  This was a chair (also a freebie), I had half painted a few years ago and had been sitting unfinished ever since.  Now here was my reading chair!

First, I finished painting it with primer and semi-gloss Dulux Antique White USA.  It’s the same color we are using for the all the doors and trim in the house.

DIY reading nook the chair

Then I sewed removable covers for the existing cushions in a light weight cotton denim (below).  The foam is in good condition and didn’t need to be replaced.

I got the denim material from Spotlight for a bargain $6 a metre on sale (or $2 per foot).  Two visits in two days because I changed my mind about using the first lot of fabric I bought.  A strong cream colour!  Does that ever happen to anyone else?

This was my first time sewing a fitted cushion like this, and with a zip.  Despite being a slow sewer, I managed to do it!

DIY reading nook

A Source Of Light

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr Seuss

OMG the lamp I chose for this DIY reading nook was a gamble as I couldn’t see what it looked like in store.  Just the picture on the box! 

It was the Daniel Danish floor lamp, $20 on clearance at Target.  The price appealed to me and it had hubby’s name on it!  However would it look super cheap and tacky?

Well, unfortunately it kind of did. Half of the floor lamp was a fake bright gold color.

So I decided to get the gloss white spray paint out.  Gosh it made a big difference! The little bit of gold I left is just enough with the rest of the floor lamp all white.  I’m glad now that I gave the cheapie floor lamp a chance!

DIY reading nook the light source a white floor lamp

Reading Nook Side Table

“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” – C.S. Lewis

Of course, a reading nook needs a place for putting your tea or coffee down, or notebook/ journal etc. I planned to use a wood stump as a small reading nook table. 

I was lucky enough to pick mine up from a pile of wood on the verge, after someone had cut a tree down in their backyard.  Seriously, if you are after a stump table, look out for neighbors who might be chopping down a tree or even pruning one.

Can you believe, that I had this stump sitting outside for ages before it occurred to me that I could use it indoors in our living room?

DIY reading nook stump side table

Reading Nook Decorating Ideas

“There is no enjoyment like reading.”

A living room reading nook still needs to be comfortable, I reckon.  That includes cushions and a soft throw rug! I plan to use a throw rug I already have.  Still deciding on cushions!

A Special Place To Read

Want to check out the progress in this living room?