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Design A Laundry Room

Design A Laundry Room

Ok you have decided it’s time to redo the laundry room.  Considering how much time gets spent washing clothes, it’s a good thing too! 

Check out these fun and stylish laundry room ideas below that provide for storage and organization, as well as creating a beautiful room. Whether you have a small laundry room, or looking for a modern or farmhouse design, you are sure to find these laundry room ideas helpful.

Laundry Room Design Ideas


1. Consider Functionality

The laundry room is one of the hardest working spaces, after the kitchen, in your home.  Consequently, it is important to choose materials that are suitable for a wet area and will function well with a lot of use.

Laundry Room Countertop

For example, choose durable surfaces, similar to what would make sense in a bathroom or kitchen.  Counter tops made of laminate, stone or quartz-surfacing, are not porous to water and make it easy to clean up spilled detergents or fabric softeners.   Plus, a smooth bench top surface will prevent snags when folding delicate lingerie, blouses, or sweaters.

Laundry Room Flooring

Tiled floor surfaces are easy to mop up in case of spills and will not be damaged by bleach.  Another aspect of the flooring is easy drainage of water in the case of an overflow or flooding.  

Drainage in the laundry room works better if the floor is on a slight slope towards the drain.  Where as a level floor will hold water and cause damage to cabinets, walls etc.

Good Airflow

A laundry also needs good ventilation, to prevent the build up of moisture which can lead to mold forming.  Consider including a vent for airflow in your laundry design especially if you are using a dryer regularly.

Washer And Dryer Room

The size of the laundry needs to be big enough to house the washing machine, possibly a dryer, a sink and storage.   Space for folding and hanging clothes may also be included in the design.  A laundry room can still be built in a small space.  Check out this beautiful small laundry design below.

2.  Laundry Room Storage

Open Shelving And/Or Cabinets

A laundry room functions better when there is plenty of storage space.  Storage ideas include open shelving, wall and floor cabinets, and hooks for hanging items such as an ironing board.

Storage For A Small Laundry Room

For better space utilisation what about having a pull out clothes basket or hamper, or a narrow sliding cart between the washer and dryer.  Also make use of the space behind the door to hang items on the back of the door or on the wall behind the door.

Laundry Room Layout

When designing a laundry room with limited floor space consider stacking the dryer on top of the washing machine.  Then there may be room for a narrow storage cabinet next to them.

For bench space for sorting and folding clothes install a counter top above the washer and dryer to create a smooth, flat surface.

Laundry Organisation:  Keep items on hand or close to where you will use them.  Use baskets, containers or glass jars to organise items.

3.  Laundry Room Lighting

The best way to maximise natural light is through having a window or even installing a skylight.   If there’s not enough natural light for the function of the room consider installing task lighting over a specific area.

Another purpose of lighting is to add to the style of the room.  So consider choosing lighting which will have a big impact on the feel of the room as well as being functional. Why not a chandelier in the laundry room!

4. Laundry Room Decor

Make your laundry room a place you enjoy by decorating it in a way that expresses your personality.   It’s easier to do laundry if the room makes you happy to be in it. Think about hanging a fun or meaningful artwork or print, displaying indoor plants or including a quirky and cute laundry sign.

Decorate Your Laundry With A Cute Laundry Room Sign (available on Etsy):

The Most Memorable Days Wood SignThe Most Memorable Days Wood SignClean Single, Looking For Mate Wood SignClean Single, Looking For Mate PrintableLaundry Lost & Found Wood Mason Jar SignVintage Laundry Metal Sign

The type of storage and organisation you use will also contribute to the feel of the room.  Woven baskets or glass jars can be pretty as well as functional. A colourful floor rug can also be a great addition to the look of the room.

Check out how I used baskets and indoor plants for simple laundry room decor in my before and after laundry room makeover!

Laundry Room Organization Tip: Remove all items from site that have a lot of written text on them.  For example; the box of washing powder. Either transfer it to a storage container or keep behind a cupboard door.  This helps the room look less cluttered!

5. Make An Impact

The practical stuff aside, make an impact in this small space with your choice of flooring and back splash.  You could even try a fun wall paper, or use unique accents such as the type of cabinet hardware.

Laundry Room Design Tip For Smaller Spaces: Light colors for the wall and cabinets will make a small room look larger by giving the illusion of more space.

More Ideas For Your Home

What is your favourite idea for designing a laundry room?