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Clay Christmas Ornaments You Can Make

Clay Christmas Ornaments You Can Make

Christmas ornaments you make with air dry clay have to be one of the easiest Christmas ornaments to make! Plus, there are so many creative and fun things you can do with them. From simple stars or heart ornaments to adding gold leaf, stamping and more. Check out these gorgeous clay Christmas ornament ideas below to get started!

Clay Christmas Ornaments

Whether you use homemade air dry clay or purchase polymer clay, you will want to start by rolling out the clay.

Then cut out your Christmas shapes with Christmas cookie cutters or a knife. Stars, hearts, Christmas trees, circles, houses are a few ideas.

Make sure to put a hole in the top to thread the twine through for hanging.

Remember, make impressions in the clay before it is dry and paint after the clay is dry!

Now onto the decorating…

Draw Or Paint Colorful Designs

Use Sharpie pens and get the kids to color them in or draw designs on them.

Image via Clever Poppy

Use watercolors for colorful designs.

Draw simple designs on your ornaments with paint like stars, hearts, leaves and swirls.

Paint thin evergreen needles on both sides of your clay ornament for a classic look.

Image via Made In A Day

Draw the first initial of each member of the family, on each one.  Don’t forget pets!

Image via All Mom Does


Create these fun fingerprint clay Christmas ornaments! Get the kids to stamp a clay Christmas tree with their finger. Once dry dab ink onto the fingers and stamp lights on your tree.

Keep it simple by stamping a short festive word on the clay.

Image via On Sutton Place

Make personalized clay ornaments with stamps. Hang them with a pretty ribbon!

Image via Alice and Lois

Make Patterns In The Clay

This is such a fun way to decorate your clay ornaments! There are so many things you can use to make patterns in the clay.

  • Evergreen cuttings
  • Lace
  • String
  • Leaves
  • Bubble wrap
  • Rope
  • Fabric
  • Beads

Use wooden stamping blocks to add a pattern to your ornaments.

Image via Klein


Add glitter to the clay as you are rolling it out.

Image via A Pretty Fix

Use some glue and glass glitter to give them a sparkle.

You can use all kinds of colored glitter!

Image via your diy family

More Fun Christmas Decorating Ideas…