12 of the Best Christmas Garland Ideas

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Christmas tree garlands

12 Gorgeous Handmade Christmas Tree Garlands

1. Reindeer Christmas Garland

This cute Christmas garland features 4 green felt Christmas trees decorated with tiny beads and 3 felt reindeer with red button noses and red ribbon trim.  Both the reindeer and trees are lightly stuffed.

Reindeer & Christmas Tree Felt GarlandReindeer & Christmas Tree Felt GarlandBUY NOW

2.  Peppermint Christmas Tree Garland

This garland makes me happy!  It’s bright, cheerful, whimsical, and shows up well with its vibrant colors and nice size of the wool felt balls.  Easy to  drape it across the top of two windows, without feeling like you are stretching it or on your Christmas tree.

Peppermint Christmas GarlandPeppermint Christmas GarlandBUY NOW


3.  Snowflake Garland

These beautiful handmade hanging snowflake decorations are an inexpensive and perfect addition to your winter home decor.  They can be hung around a room, on the ceiling or across doorways.  Try staggering them and hanging them at different heights for a stunning effect.

For large Christmas trees, the hanging strings can be shortened and tied to create simple but effective Christmas tree decorations.

Snowflake GarlandSnowflake GarlandBUY NOW

4.  Christmas Star Garland

This fun Christmas tree garland is made from 2 inch stars, hand punched from white card and machine sewn to form a garland.  The star garlands can be made in different lengths and come with extra thread on each end for easy hanging.

Christmas Star GarlandChristmas Star GarlandBUY NOW

5.  Vintage Style Paper Star Garland

This Christmas Tree Garland is made from double sided Christmas design and sewn together with polyester thread, and finished with gold coloured bead.

Paper Star GarlandPaper Star GarlandBUY NOW


6.  Burlap Christmas Tree Garland

This garland is made with Barn Red and Tea Dye Homespun Ticking Rags tied to 2 1/4 inch Burlap Ribbon with Large 1.5″ Rusty bells.  It adds such a fun, festive and rustic feel to your Christmas decorating.

Burlap GarlandBurlap GarlandBUY NOW

7.  Colored Felt Ball Garlands

A felt ball garland is just right for decorating for Christmas.  Hang it on your wall, mantle, Christmas tree or anywhere else you need a fun, colorful decoration.   Available in assorted colors and sizes, depending on the color theme of your Christmas decor.

Blue Charcoal White Felt GarlandBlue Charcoal White Felt GarlandBUY NOWGreen Red White Felt GarlandGreen Red White Felt GarlandBUY NOW

 8.  Snowmen and Star Christmas Garland

Made with quality wool felt, glitter felt and twine, these cute snowmen and stars have all been hand cut and made with lots of love.  This would make such a cute Christmas garland.

Snowman Christmas GarlandSnowman Christmas GarlandBUY NOW

10.  Star and Gold Garland

This lovely Christmas tree garland is perfect for adding jingle bells to your Christmas tree, wall, mantel or wreath.  Its made with wooden stars and gold colored bells, for a stylish and fun Christmas decoration for your home this year.

Star & Gold Bell GarlandStar & Gold Bell GarlandBUY NOW


11.  Gingerbread Men Christmas Tree Garland

Get into the festive baking spirit with this authentic Wooden Gingerbread Man Bunting.  Perfect for decorating your home this Christmas!

Each gingerbread man is an authentic brown baked colour with white features and is tied together with a red and white twine. Perfect for decorating the edge of tables, hanging on walls in the kitchen maybe or just around the Christmas tree!

Wooden Gingerbread Men BuntingWooden Gingerbread Men BuntingBUY NOW

12.  Pearl Christmas Garland

Red & Gold Pearl Beaded GarlandRed & Gold Pearl Beaded GarlandBUY NOWWhite/ Ivory Pearl Beaded GarlandWhite/ Ivory Pearl Beaded GarlandBUY NOW

One for the kids…

I remember making paper chain decorations as a kid.  Usually with bright red and green crepe paper, and the goal was of course to see how long we could make our chain.  Finger would end up stained from the colors of the paper!

Well, I love this idea… Get the kids to create their own garland this Christmas with these cute blue paper chain kits.

The perfect seasonal activity for children or adults – simply loop the paper strips, peel off the self-adhesive tabs and interlink them together to create your chain.

These Christmas decorations are perfect for decorating your home – hanging across the ceiling, over the fireplace or around your Christmas tree.

Christmas Paper Chain KitChristmas Paper Chain KitBUY NOW

Bonus:  Fa La La La La Vintage Style Banner

This Christmas banner is great for this time of year and the garland will work great on a fireplace, wall, window, or table.

Fa La La La Christmas BannerFa La La La Christmas BannerBUY NOW

This listing is for a gorgeous Christmas hessian bunting, that is perfect for this years Christmas.
Letters are printed on cream coloured hessian, so it is super sturdy and will last for years….

Now the fun part, decorating!!  Which Christmas Tree Garland will you choose?


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