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Alva Baby Nappies Review

Alva Baby Nappies Review

Thinking about getting a set of cloth nappies or diapers for your baby? Here’s everything you want to know and my thoughts about the Alva Baby one size fits all nappies.

How many cloth nappies do you need?

Two dozen is a good number if you are going to use them full time. Miss E is 4 1/2 months old and I am going through about 4 to 5 cloth nappies a day with a disposable at night. Yes, I could get away with having 12 to 16 nappies but it means I am not worried about how long they take to dry. (No dryer here!)

Are cloth nappies worth it?

Yes if you want to save money and yes if you want to reduce how much rubbish you are sending to landfill.

No, its not worth it if it is the straw that breaks the camels back. If you are experiencing a lot of stress, are struggling physically or with your mental health etc.

Personally, I decided not to keep using cloth nappies when I had a baby and a toddler in nappies at the same time. It was a really hard season. Too much washing already, and then add in the cloth nappies!

What age is best to start cloth nappies?

You can start from day one if you want. Be mindful that it is hard to find a one size fits all nappy that does from newborn to toddler stage well. You may need to purchase more than one nappy size. See below my thoughts on Alva Baby nappies for newborns.

This time I chose to start using nappies from 4 months old. Mainly because I was given a lot of disapposable nappies for the first few months and wanted to use up my stash first. Also my bubba was a small 3kg at birth and the Alva Baby nappies were way too big and bulky for her then.

Newborns tend to need a lot more nappy changes too, from 10 to 12 a day which means more washing at a time when you are hugely sleep deprived!

I could have started at 2 months old but I got lazy and it felt like such a big effort to move to cloth nappies. That’s funny considering I used cloth nappies for 3 other babies, and I don’t think I used even one disposable on my first baby at all. (She’s 15 now!)

No surprise it’s been an easy transition now that I have actually started.

What are the advantages of cloth nappies?

What I love about one size fits all cloth nappies is that I get to adjust the size as Miss E grows. I have found the size of disposables frustrating especially at those times when she is not quite ready for the next size but growing out of the current size. Hey, I still have 1/2 packet of nappies I want to use up.

Another advantage is that you always have nappies on hand. No need to worry if nappies are in stock in the supermarket. Like this past year, thanks to Covid panic buying! You also don’t need to remember to get some when you go to the shop next.

I also like that cloth nappies (my experience with about 4 different brands over 4 kids) contain the blow outs a lot better than disposables. Partly, I started using the cloth nappies with Miss E recently because I was over having to change her clothes several times a day with the disposables leaking.

I have now started using Alva Baby nappies

Where are Alva nappies made?

Alva Baby are a Chinese brand cloth nappy, which are designed and made in China. One of the reasons I chose them was because they were less than 1/2 the price of most Australian designed cloth nappies. Helpful for our budget in this season!

How do you use Alva Baby nappies?

Alva Baby are a pocket cloth nappy which means they have a waterproof outer material and a soft inner lining (suede cloth).

There is a pocket opening at the back of the nappy to put in an absorbent insert. You can choose a 3-layer microfibre insert or 5-layer bamboo/microfibre blend insert. I went with the 5 layer bamboo insert and am so impressed! They are super absorbent!

I did get a couple a 3 layer inserts but I am not going to bother using them.

I also bought extra inserts for night time use. You can customise the absorbency to suit your needs by adding an extra booster into the pocket. I am not keen to do that yet simply because the nappies are already very bulky on my little one.

Alva Baby are a one size fits all nappy (approx 3.5kg to 15kg), you adjust the nappy to your desired size by snapping onto different rows of buttons on the nappy. Miss Elisa is about 7kg and I have 1 row snapped to adjust the size. Adjusting the size has been very easy so far.

Update: After a week I now use the full size because I found the leg elastic was too tight on the smaller size.

Are Alva nappies good?

Yes, I definitely recommend Alva Baby nappies. I can’t comment on how they hold up over several years of washing and use yet. But so far I have found them very easy to use!

I have gotten into the routine of washing nappies every day. I find the smell bothers me when I leave them for a couple of days and keep adding soiled nappies.

I remove the inserts before I put them in a dry bucket with lid. Then wash the covers and inserts together at the end of each day.

The outer coverings are quick to dry, though I have found the inserts do take several days. (They are so absorbent!)

I do love the cute designs and there are so many different ones to choose from! Disposables are so boring in comparison!

If you are new to cloth nappies, I think these would be a great way to start. They are super easy to do up and take off. The hardest part is choosing which cute print to put on her. Come on who doesn’t want to have nappies that match your outfit!

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