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90 Day Goal Planner

90 Day Goal Planner

90 Day Goals

Writing down goals and deliberately working towards them has been a game changer for me over the last couple of years.  Yet it’s also a process that I am still growing in!

This past year I set 5 personal goals that I wanted to achieve over a 12 month period in the areas of physical fitness, my income/work, my parenting, my home, and my social life/community life.  

Recently I changed from focusing on 12 month goals to 90 day goals.  Why is the goal 90 days?  3 months or 90 days is a much better time frame to measure progress, and sustain motivation.   

It is also easier to plan action steps for 90 days rather than a year. There is more surety about what is likely to happen in the next 3 months as compared to a year of our lives. Writing 90 day goals instead means our goals are more relevant to our current circumstances.  

3 month goal planner also mean you see progress and gain momentum more quickly!

90 Day Plan

Grab one of these printable 90 day planners at the end, and get started writing your 90 day plan.

Quantify What Progress Looks Like

Don’t choose goals that are very general. For example, “I want to get organized” or “I want to be healthy” or “My goal is to get out of debt”. Read more about how to make your goals SMART!

When your goals have a specific end in mind, planning how you will measure your progress and what end result you want to achieve is a lot easier!!

Break those 90 days into 30-60-90 and decide on a measurement that you expect to see at the end of each month.

Consider what kind of measurement you will use and do you have all the information you need to realistically predict your progress.

Take Daily Action Steps

To successfully achieve your goals you need to take action regularly!

“Surely, it cannot be as easy as consistently (as in every day), doing a difficult, but small, concrete step toward building the long-term plan.” – Pamela Slim

Yes it can!

Feel like you are busy every day not not achieving anything of significance? Maybe you are spending a lot of time on the “not important” activities and ignoring the more important small, action steps that would help you make progress towards your goals.

achieve your goals by focusing on what's most important not urgent
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When choosing action steps for your 90 day plan think about:

  • What will result in the biggest amount of progress towards my goals?
  • Does this have a visible result?
  • Is it realistic and doable? 

Want to achieve your best personal goals this year, set 90 day goals, clarify how you will measure your progress and taking small action steps on a daily basis!

Review Your Goals Regularly

As part of your 90 day plan, make sure to review the progress you have made, any difficulties or challenges with your action steps and what steps you will take next. A review may happen once a week or at the end of 30 days, 60 days and 90 days depending on your goals.

achieve your goals

I have a weekly review that happens every Saturday morning, where I reflect on the past week and plan for the coming week.  It just happens that I have a 2 hour block of time while the kids have gymnastics lessons on Saturdays.  

I  really look forward to having that planning time now.  It makes the morning pass quicker and it gives me a head start on the coming week. Read more about my weekly planning.

90 Day Planner Ideas

A very simple quarterly planner that is easy to use and great to plan out each 90 days. It is designed to help you reach your goals by keeping you focused on your priorities and tasks for the next 90 days.

Click here to order your printable 90 day planner

A 90 day planner template with a bonus habit tracker.

Click here to get this printable 90 day planner

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